The Husky is one of those creatures that will judge you by your actions. If you treat him well, you will receive his undying loyalty. Treat him badly and you will never see him again. To me these dogs have an uncanny ability to reason out things about the world that other dogs do not. They are not programmed robots or slaves. They are at ease in almost all situations that make other dogs go insane.

They are Intelligent enough to use reason first, and not training that was beaten into them. In fact, trying to force a Husky to do anything is a complete waste of time. They will only do what you ask if they trust you. Having a Husky work for you is more of a partnership than a dumb beast of burden.

In spite of their wanderlust and the free spirit that drives them. They want to be part of the pack. They hate being left alone more than any other dogs I have ever known. The will to travel and see new things is strong in them. They are like our forefathers who blazed unknown trails seeking adventures unknown. That is what is in a Huskies heart, and what made him such a valuable member to the gold miners, and adventurers for many years.

The Husky is willing to work hard all day for those in his pack. All he asks is some food in his belly and not to be left alone. Willing to strike the trail whether it be snow or asphalt. It’s taken me several years of observation to make these claims. I believe they are right as rain. They crave companionship, dogs and humans.

Huskies and man needed each other to survive the unforgiving frozen lands of the north. That bond was developed over thousands of years. It was a family that took care of each other and thus ensured their individual survival.

Sadly, the wild places are almost gone. I fear the Huskies days are numbered in his pure form. He will lose the wild spirit and become another lap dog who watches T.V. The urge to pull and travel long-lost from his genetic makeup.

The Husky is being over-bred and slowly losing those traits that make them what they were meant to be. Being bred to be lap dogs and fluffy eye candy with many genetic faults like epilepsy.

You can have no truer member of your family than this creature in his pure form. I’m going to do my best to keep that spirit alive. Be it paved roads or dirt trails, my dogs will run like they’ve done for thousands of years. I don’t want to see working huskies vanish from the world, at least not the one I live in.


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