A little run and meeting some new people…a great little adventure for huskies.

I try to take my dogs for a walk or run everyday but sometimes work and life makes me miss a day. You can sure tell the difference it makes. They get wound up the next day and cause havoc with each other and us.

Huskies are like having a hot water heater building up pressure until it explodes. You have to let that pressure escape in a controlled way instead of hoping for the best. Trust me, if you wait too long, something will feel the fury of a husky with too much energy.

Usually some inanimate object will die a horrible death due to fang & claw. Do not underestimate the power of these two tools the husky possess. I’ve lost a few things, and my deck still shows the scars of fang on wood.

Knowing all this I got home late from work last night. Thanks to the time change it now gets dark by 5:30. I took the dogs on a walk about 7:00PM and it was pretty much pitch black outside. But I signed up for this so off we went…huskies got to walk!

I took my flashlight and we went the two miles. The huskies seemed to have enjoyed this night time adventure as we usually walk in the daylight. Darkness doesn’t seem to bother them in the least. I guess it wouldn’t bother me If I could see as well as them in pitch black.

The nice part was nobody else was out walking their sometimes aggressive un-socialized beast. It was quiet and actually not bad except for a couple of cars thinking they were on the Indy race track. I must say that now that I have my dogs trained for bike/sled commands it makes things much safer.

I say “Haw!” and they turn left and get on the safe side of the road. They do this almost instantly now. Same with “Gee!” for right. It makes life much simpler and safer for all of us. Even in the pitch dark.


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