Feeding Your Husky

Getting some help building a new sled.

Today’s topic is feeding your husky. I’m not talking about food that they require to live. I’m talking about something just as important…time and love.

Because I’m a musician I spend a lot of time in my “Man Cave.” Which is my garage or what I call the “Jamatorium.” I write, or practice, or just hang out because it feels home to me being surrounded by implements of destruction. Amps, drums, guitars, loud PA system to play back tunes.

Music has always been a way for me to unwind. I can beat some drums to Led Zeppelin and when I’m done I feel so much better. All those idiots hell-bent on getting to work even if they kill someone else or them on the commute seem to fade away. I’m still alive in spite of their attempts to kill me on the road.

I spend an hour each way to get to and from work. Two extra hours in my day to pay the bills because…well I chose it. Nobody’s perfect but it works out, that is the price I pay to have this job which pays for my dogs wellbeing besides our own needs.

Many of you work as well, in fact most of us do, but we took on these complicated partners called Siberian Huskies.

Huskies have many demands that need to be met. But have you ever stopped to see the life you give them through their eyes? We demand a lot out of them so that they can fit into our schedules and life style.

They do not complain unless it is unbearable for them. They don’t bitch, they might eat your couch because that is the only way they can tell us they are unhappy. Huskies in my opinion howl when they are upset. Sure they might howl at a siren, but the howl of loneliness is a very distinct one.

Because of my garage habits I’ve had much time to observe my dogs. I didn’t just look at them from time to time…I looked at them like a scientist would. I observed and recorded in my head how they react and treat each other.

I think I have a pretty good handle on how they act. I call this “Quality Time.” It’s quality because I learn about them, and its quality for them because they want to be with me. I think they want to learn about me as much as I do about them. It may be in their own way, but still I see it in their eyes when they look at me putting together some IKEA furniture or some other project like putting a sled together.

They get in the way and sniff everything. They lay on the parts, and grin because they are happy to be sharing time with me. They are enjoying our time together even if it makes no sense to them.

Its quality time for both of us. We learn and we grow closer because of that. I don’t get home from work and give them a pat on the head and then spend the next 4 hours watching re-runs of Judge Judy. I spend time with them.

They might have spent 8 hours in a crate while you were at work. You need to be a good partner and reward that with the thing they want most…your attention to them and their needs for exercise etc.

Huskies demand a lot, but they also give more than we do. They live in hot climates, they are stuffed in crates, they are neglected, but still they remain true. They cannot pick their boss any more than we can in our own jobs.

Spend all the quality time you can with them. It will only make you closer and the bond stronger. Your husky will be gone before you know it. Don’t look back and wish you would have spent more time with them while they were here.

Do it now, and every day for the sands of time run faster than you think!

No regrets, that is what I want to have when mine pass over the Rainbow Bridge. Feed them the love they need, they give their all for you in so many ways we don’t even think about.

Look at the world you give them through their eyes. Are you good enough for a husky? I hope in the end that I held up my end of this partnership.

They give me their entire lives… that’s worth some of my precious time.


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