Spirit of the Husky

I wrote this for anyone who has ever lost a husky.

Spirit of the Husky                                                                        

When she closed her eyes forever,
another journey had begun.
Her spirit soared across the frozen sky,
to the place where huskies run.

Rainbow Bridge
The Rainbow Bridge

With wings of white upon her back,
like a comet passing by.
Racing towards that holy place,
beyond the midnight sky.

Soon her memories began to fade,
of her life left far behind.
The call of the northern lights,
was etched upon her mind.

At last she crossed the rainbow bridge,
to the place all huskies go.
A land filled with big tall pines,
and fresh unbroken snow.


A place where huskies run and play,
until it’s time to leave.
When one arrives another has to go,
and this you should believe.

Her spirit will cross that bridge once more,
to fly those frozen skies.
Arriving as a new-born pup,
with bright blue husky eyes.

Fear not when you lose a friend,
that one that meant so much.
A husky’s work is never done,
and your soul forever touched.

Again, and again those souls return,
to a place upon this earth.
To share their special gift of love,
for those who earn their worth.

They run and dig, and chase the cat,
but in the snow they fly!
It’s the spirit of your husky,
and that will never die.

Todd M. Johnson © March 7, 2017
You are free to use this for non-commercial purposes.

6 Comments on “Spirit of the Husky

  1. Wow, beautiful poem, Todd! Thank you for writing this and allowing us to share it with others! 🐾🐺🐾


  2. I have been missing my girl something fierce today.. after a year and a half I thought it would get better but it hasn’t. I have struggled with the grief of losing my soul, my world. I don’t know how many times I have read this .. it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure of reading .. so much so that I printed it and framed it and put it with her memorial on the mantel. Thank you for this it is a special gift everytime I read it.


    • I’m glad you were touched by an angel as I have been. I rejoice in seeing new puppies born because those amazing spirits have returned. Don’t grieve, rejoice that they come back and bring this love to others…the world needs it badly. Thank you for the compliment, I just wrote it from my heart and it was very easy to do.


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