Under the Northern Lights


Under the Northern Lights:

Born under the Northern Lights,
to a tribe of man and dogs.
Blind and deaf she arrived,
mother kept her safe from frights.

Warm and sound with her brothers around,
she learned to fight for food.
Life was granted to those who held their own,
there was no easy life, next to Norton sound.

An old cabin stacked up in the woods,
the old man’s name was Kane.
He smelled a bit like smoking meat,
but they had food, in those backwoods.

She grew up with love around,
her name was Misty Eyes.
She quickly learned the way it was,
to the life that she was bound.

She heard the call as others had,
they came from long ago.
It whispered in her ears at night,
“You’re alive” a reason to be glad.

Misty grew and was subject to,
the forces of the north.
She fought her battles valiantly,
as her kind was meant to do.

At night she snuggled up to Kane,
the master of her pack.
He scratched her ears and loved her,
and doing so eased the pain.

There was no gold even though,
they had searched for it for years.
His dogs had done their very best,
their hearts were always true.

When Kane died… he had no regrets,
he’d lived his life in full.
Now his pack was free to go their way,
Misty led them away… with no debts.

She led her pack…Toward the northern lights,
a beacon in the sky.
Lonely dogs who only knew of servitude,
with no master within their sights.

Their smelly man with gentle hands,
had passed into the night.
He’d left them all alone, a fate unknown,
for the furry little band.

When all seemed lost, they came across,
a snowy den of Igloo Jacks.
He lived alone way out on the ice pack,
maybe he could be their new boss.

Jack crawled on out with broken teeth,
and such a sight he saw.
Dogs danced around in front of him,
their love they would bequeath.

He got down on his knees to give thanks,
to the God’s that brought them there.
Life was hard and he’d almost lost his hope,
until these dogs arrived upon his banks.

A dozen dogs joined him in a feast,
inside the frozen hut of Igloo Jacks.
Frozen fish never tasted so good,
to the man and his new beasts.

Misty laid by the man, her heart all alight,
full of fish and safe at last she lulled.
Inside her belly… her puppies kicked,
safe and sound… from the frights.

Clear and cold their world would unfold,
in just another fortnight.
They would make their way or fade away,
that was life, under the northern lights.

TJW, 2018

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