Run Like the Wind


There are a few things in life that cannot be duplicated by computers or anything else. One of those is to have a relationship with one or more of the Siberian People.

Yes, they are dogs, but they are also like no other dog you have ever seen. I could type all day the words that come to mind but that would not do justice to them.

Furry and full of old world knowledge they are ambassadors of a better life for you and them. They do not speak our language, but they speak volumes of information if you learn how to see it. It is subtle and requires a trained eye. It takes time to understand what they are trying to tell you. But believe me, they have much to tell if you bother to study them.

You have to know them as you would your spouse. You have to live with them to have this intimate knowledge of how they run, and how they act in any given situation. I watch the gait and I can tell if it is normal or if pain is involved. I know my dogs so well that I can tell if they are having a bad day or if it is something physical.

They may not speak words, but they speak in body language and attitude. They give signs of their current status and health. But you cannot know this unless you study them. You have to immerse yourself into the husky. That’s when you begin to understand them, as more than a dog.

For all this trouble what do you get? You get a partnership that equals no other. You get undying trust and affection if you bother to do your part. You see they are not objects that you own, they are huskies and that encompasses many things.

They are family, workers, lovers of life, and lovers of their masters or should I say partners. They are unique in the dog world. A long history of surviving what should not have been survived. They did it because they had to, and because they loved their partners more than their own short lives.

This is the essence of a husky, this is what they are but few ever spend the time to find that out.

That beautiful exterior hides many secrets you can find.

A true team or partnership between man and dog is the run. To run with the huskies is something that cannot be put into words. It is the culmination of work, struggle, and determination. When it all comes together it is beautiful. It is the payoff for keeping the faith. It is another world that few have ever found.

It’s real, not some virtual reality. They let us into their world if we are worthy. Go find that and you will forever be changed.






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