Huskies are not for everyone.


Learn about the breed before you take on one of these dogs.  Don’t just buy one because they are beautiful. Instead of wondering if a husky is good enough for you, you should be asking yourself if you are good enough for a husky. They are counting on it.


“I hope I have a good life.
The world is a scary place right now.
I don’t get to pick my family; they get to pick me.
I don’t know where I am going, or what my new home will be like.

I hope my new family will understand me.
I can be the best dog in the world… if they teach me with kindness, and remember that I will always be a Husky.
I have so much to learn, and such a short time to do it.

I hope they will love me even when I make mistakes.
I hope I won’t be forgotten and tossed away.
No matter who picks me, I will give them all my love.
My love is forever; I hope my new family feels the same way?

I hope I have a good life.”

The Siberian Husky

2 Comments on “Huskies are not for everyone.

  1. I love my Max and made the commitment to love him all his life, even before I decided to get him.


  2. After much reading about the breed, my husband and I decided we were up to the task…34 years ago! They are the dogs for us, and we are their people!


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