Rainy Days and Sundays always get me down.

Rainy Days and Sundays:

Rain Rain go away.

Did you know that huskies don’t care much for rain? At least mine don’t, and when its raining they prefer to come inside and pout. Oh, they certainly can take getting a little wet but that doesn’t mean they have to like it.

The Siberian is made for the frozen north. To a husky water is something you drink not get soaked with. The only way you would get soaked in the land of his birth was if he fell through the ice. And at those temperatures a quick death would soon follow.

To a husky If it’s not drinking water it should be frozen solid as God intended… in the form of ice or snow. Now God knew when he created them that they would not enjoy his life-giving rain. So, to make up for that, he gave the husky something no other dogs I know of have.

When wet the husky does not smell like a wet dog. He doesn’t permeate the air around him with that horrible wet dog smell. His coat may be soaked but you won’t have to hold your nose until he’s dry.

I have never given one of my dogs a bath. They don’t need it or groomers. They don’t smell and they look great with a little bit of brushing. A lot of brushing during the coat blowing times but it’s well worth the effort.

Just another amazing fact about these unique dogs called Siberians.

2 Comments on “Rainy Days and Sundays always get me down.

  1. I liked hearing you never bathed your dogs either. They do seem to be somewhat self-cleaning, which was a pleasant surprise for me.


  2. I loved what I read on your blog, I only had a couple minutes to browse through but immediately wanted to press ” following” I had a beautiful most loved Husky for 10 years and wasn’t ready to say good-bye but he got so sick !! Maybe you can take a peek at my Blog !! Thank – you thebasketoffigs.wordpress.com


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