To Dream

Agouti Husky
My name is Smoke.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
to dream about the forest deep.
The smell of pine upon the trail,
my legs are strong and never fail.

I’ll trod upon unbroken snow,
then climb a trail, goats fear to go.
A river runs wild and free,
I’ll pad along, with it next to me.

It’s all so clear from long ago,
when we ruled the frozen snow.
I see and feel it all so clear,
the days when huskies had no peers.

I dream a life I’ve never had,
it’s part of me, but I’m never sad.
One day soon I’ll go back home,
to the fields of snow where huskies roam.

Until then it’s you and me,
I’ll do my best to help you see.
A better life lies just ahead,
there’s more to life than just a sled.

I’ll take you to a better place,
Even if you’re from the human race.
All I ask is you believe in me,
and I’ll teach your spirit to be free.


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