Looking back 2 years ago

Mr. Cooper 13 months old.

Cooper Report: I’m not sure if anyone reads these or not. It really doesn’t matter because I’m blogging my Journey with an amazing animal. For those of you dog lovers interested I’m trying to share my trials and tribulations as Cooper and I learn together. Maybe someday you’ll own a Husky, or want to understand what makes a working dog tick. If so maybe this will help you understand what I’ve learned so far.

Today I had an “Epiphany” Generally the term is used to describe scientific breakthrough, religious or philosophical discoveries, but it can apply in any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.

True that’s pretty deep for a rock drummer but we have our moments. I’ve spent so much time with Cooper since he arrived last February. Walking miles with him, watching him grow into what he is now. I’ve been so frustrated at times I wished I’d never bought him. And now I can’t imagine life without him.

He drove me insane at times with his unbelievable amount of energy. We grew together, and learned about each other in small steps. Trial and error, most of the error was on my side as I didn’t understand him. I wanted to force him to be what I wanted, and that works about as well as forcing your children to be what you want them to be.

Every living being whether animal or human is unique. They have their own way and the secret is to figure out what that is and how to shape it into positive traits. Today marked a huge milestone in Cooper’s journey to be what he was bred to be.

4000 years of DNA cannot be ignored. Cooper is a Siberian Husky, genetically engineered to be part of the family. Work hard and love all those around you. That is the basic instinct of a Husky; they love people, dogs, and children.

Incredible amounts of energy emanate inside of these dogs. They were made to pull heavy loads through impossible places, and in the most inhabitable conditions you can imagine. You have to understand what drives them before you can guide them into our somewhat sedate lifestyle most of us live now.

So back to today. I hooked Cooper up to my bike for our usual evening run. Up to this point he has not been the leader and ran beside my bike instead of his occasional burst of pulling. I’ve learned to be patient; he will be what he will be. I’d prefer him to be a lead dog, but the choice is his. Lead, follow, or get out-of-the-way!

We started out and I was surprised as he pulled out in front and started to pull me. Before tonight he only did that when something was of great interest. Tonight was much different; he pulled because he wanted to. He’d connected to his roots and I could read his face as he looked back at me.

He was enjoying running hard and pulling me along with him. He led us and supplied the muscle that drove us up the road. Cooper is a natural athlete, easily pulling my 175 pounds and bike along like it’s nothing. He stretched his legs and drove us up the hills like it was nothing.

I encouraged him and I think we finally made that connection between a man and his dog. A new chapter has begun in our relationship. One of trust and mutual respect. I love him and he loves me back enough to do what I ask of him no matter what it is.

The exhilaration of having Cooper galloping down the road, pulling us along at warp speed is hard to describe.

It doesn’t get any better than this! If you ever get to experience this feeling you’ll die happy!


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