A Lesson in Time:


Dogs have a lot to teach us if we pay attention. One lesson I’ve taken to heart over the last few years is to “Live in the moment.” An old saying that I’m sure you’ve heard before. But for most it’s just that. A saying we’ve heard before… but never really given much thought about it.

Dogs surely live in the moment as each new day is precious to them. What happened yesterday is gone, and worrying about tomorrow is not part of what they do. Think about how much stress would be gone if we all adapted that same attitude.

Do dogs feel that way because of limited intelligence, or because they are more intelligent on some level? I doubt we will ever know for sure. But one things for sure…they have a grasp on how fleeting time is.

So many of us humans get on the train of life and just sit by the window looking out and dreaming the ride away. They never actually do the work required, or take the risks needed to make any of those dreams come true. They never realize that time is running out until they see the station at the end of the line. That final destination waiting for all of us is closer than we think.

If you believe a dog ages an average of 7 years for each one of ours. That means every day, our dogs have aged a week in our time!

Maybe that’s why dogs live in the moment, because each moment is so precious. Maybe that’s why they are so happy to see us when we come home from work? To them you’ve been gone almost 3 days in their time!

That’s why you should never be annoyed, or too tired to give your dog a walk, or play with them when they want it. They’ve been waiting days in their time…just to spend a few minutes with you.

Time passes too quickly, don’t waste it.

3 Comments on “A Lesson in Time:

  1. This is so true. I’ve been injured since last July and haven’t really been able to walk my pup since (except for a few, extremely careful times). Every time I see my wife or a dog walker stroll off with my pup it hurts, and I realize how much I miss that simple act of walking with him. I recently had surgery to (hopefully) fix my problem, and if everything goes well I’ll be walking him again in 2-3 months. I can’t wait!

    So you’re absolutely right. Enjoy every moment with your dog, because life loves throwing curveballs, and puppers can’t catch them all.

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  2. This is so true. I agree with first comment and this post I been studied in US for 7 years now. I have two dogs at home in my country. I miss them so much but only thing I can do is just look at the picture that my family take and wait for summer to going back to visit them and my family.

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