Have no Fear:


My mom is a professional artist…I am not. But that’s okay because at age 60 I’m finally giving it a try. She can do things with paint and pencils I have no clue about. But then I can weld a body panel, paint a car, and a few other things she cannot.

This is the first time I’ve ever tried to actually paint something. Something I care about which is huskies. You have to really love your subject or you won’t try very hard.

One thing I’ve learned from a husky is don’t be afraid of failure. They don’t even know the word or worry about it. They do their best and that is what we all should do. Don’t be afraid to fail at something new.

Find what you love and go do it!

I’ve shared my journeys with the huskies, my band, and now my art. Like all things it’s a work in progress and you have to try to find out where you are. If you don’t try something new then you will never find out what your true potential is.

So, give it a try…what do you have to lose?


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