Getting in Sync with your dog


There are a few things that really irk me about the world right now. For the most part I let them go because the great unwashed have neither the mental capacity or humanity to understand how wrong they are. No amount of reasonable supported facts will change their missguided beliefs.

PETA and for the most part most AR organizations only serve themselves. Mission and Vision statements based on hearsay and headlines because it benefits their ego’s or pocketbooks. 90% of dog rescue organizations also fall into this category. I’m not talking about all of them but the large percentage does.

Doing good based on someone’s beliefs not facts is just as wrong. Now I’m not here to gain the vote or to improve my self-esteem based on doing good in the eyes of others. I’m not writing this blog to satisfy some need to make myself feel good or to be popular. I’m doing it because the dogs cannot speak for themselves. As much as they have to offer they cannot defend themselves at all.

This is their downfall because humans can fill in the blanks and maybe pocket some cash along the way. This is a world of scammers and losers, all about “ME!”

It takes an effort to really try to understand a dog. They are for the most part alien to us and our ways. They are also subject to the cruelty and whims of the so-called “Higher intelligent” species called humans.

Those of us that dive deep into the minds of our dogs find more there than we imagined. We find a mirror, and for the most part humans don’t want to see their reflections. That mirror is a reminder of what we have lost as a species, and how much we actually lack in compassion and understanding.

That is what a dog can teach you about life, and how best to live it. It’s not about some crackpot idea formed in a think tank to promote the ego of the author. The author doesn’t really matter to a dog. What matters is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

A dog doesn’t read articles, but he reads you and me like a 1st grade book. You can’t hide from that even if you try. To a dog you are either a real partner or you are not. You either give of yourself or you create a slave subject to your rages of self-incompetence and self-worth. Dogs do not deserve you…in fact we humans really don’t deserve dogs.

But for some reason they put up with us. Unbridled hope in humanity when we’ve only shown them contempt and of no value when it suits us. Dogs are not here on this earth to improve our station in life, they are not property to be thrown away. They are here to sooth our fears in the middle of the night, or when the storm rages around us. But only if we let them…only if we accept them as we do our own children. They need guidance and rules but that is our part of the partnership between dogs and man. We do what they can’t, and they do what we can’t.

Together it is a perfect bond if you do your part. When a dog’s needs are met they are not raging beast. They are content and happy, and you will be as well. That’s what you strive for no matter what breed of dog you share your life with. That is what its all about to be a good partner to your dog.

I want to leave you with this creed. I’m sure PETA will hate it, but then they are not running my life and really don’t understand anyway.

You Come First – The Musher’s Creed


You Come First ~ The Musher’s Creed
Before I rest, you shall rest.
Before I drink, you shall drink.
Before I eat, you shall eat.
Before I take my ease, you shall have yours.
Before I lay down to sleep, you shall sleep.
Before I glove my frozen hands, I will booty your furred paws.
Before my wellbeing, I shall see to yours.
For this IS my promise to you, my beloved sled dog.

An ode to Rob Cooke and his beloved Shaytaan Siberians, and all those who strive each day to live DOGS FIRST.

~ Stormhawk Siberians ~


4 Comments on “Getting in Sync with your dog

  1. I am really enjoying your blog. I recently saw a post on facebook about abuse by a sled dog company. when I saw the pictures and videos, I did see dogs chained in the snow, but they each had a “house” for warmth and protection. i thought, “this is how these dogs have lived for hundreds of years.” I did see one injured dog i thought should have been brought in and treated. but i did not see any outright abuse. I have to tell you, I have a husky/mal mix I got from the shelter. she pulled a cart for about two minutes and did fine. she has some physical and neurological issues, so she will never work as her breed does. I live “vicariously” through your blog. thanks for posting.


    • As in all things some humans mess it up. A few bad eggs does not compare to the love shared between mushers and their dogs.


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