The Siberian

Little Foxx

The Siberian Husky:

I’ve expounded on the virtues of the Siberian many times. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this picture speaks volumes.

Siberians for the most part have two speeds. Wide-open and sleeping are the most noticeable for most folks. You have to pay attention to those few moments when the husky is not a blur of motion, or intensely focusing on doing husky stuff.

If you pay attention, once in a while they will give you a look. You will get a glimpse of what a husky really is when you see it for the first time. This occasional gaze from a husky will attempt to see inside your soul. To see what kind of being you really are. There is no hiding it from them, for they can sense what kind of person you really are inside.

There is no arrogance about them. They know what they are, and they don’t crave to be anything else. The husky is quite happy with what he is. Confident, Intelligent, and a world-class athlete that others only wish they could be.

They understand more about us than we do about them. Even so, they choose to be partners with us if we treat them with respect. If leaders lead by example, then we could learn a thing or two from the huskies.

Drive, Problem Solving, Unconditional Love and understanding. Love of each new day above ground and the adventures just waiting to be experienced.

To squander one minute of life’s journey is a sin. That my friends are the lessons being shown to us in the only way they can. These leaders teach us about life’s journey with their actions, we only have to open our eyes and look.


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