The pack


Patience is one of those lessons you learn when you live with huskies. The Siberians are a proud group and share similar traits with us. Each one of them is self-aware and very confident. This trait bred into them, allowed them, and those they served to survive in the harshest environments on earth.

They think, they scheme, and they want to climb the pack ladder as much as a fresh college graduate does in the corporate world. I will say they keep this to themselves and it is a husky thing not intended for us humans. Never have I observed any animosity towards me or the family. It’s a husky thing.

18 months ago, my two females had a disagreement over a treat. It seemed that way at first but it was much more than that. It was about who ruled the pack. The old girl Sammie or the young upstart Nikki?

Neither one would back down over this treat that Sammie snatched from my young one. This resulted in her receiving pierced ears as Nikki demanded respect. The deposed queen went on an 18-month hiatus from the pack.

Slowly, ever so slowly they have mended their fences. Tonight, the pack is one again. It’s a fragile peace but my young Nikki has showered the old queen with kisses even though she holds back from returning the affection. The older Sam has not forgotten her loss of power. But she longs to be included once again in the pack.

Her self-imposed banishment lasted all this time, but you see the pack is family to them. In time she has forgotten her hate and is slowly putting it aside. The young queen Nikki has tried for months to mend the fence only to be shunned. But the isolation finally got the best of Sammie and she is working on being re-integrated into the new order.

My male Cooper is a big boy. Capable of defeating either one of them if he wanted. But he is the lowest private in my husky Army. He doesn’t mind at all his station. He’s learned to let the leaders lead and he is quite content to follow. He is a pacifist first with a good heart and loves on me all the time. Us males have to stick together as the females battle it out for supremacy.

Maybe in the human world the males have always had the power. That is changing these days and I hold no grudge because maybe I’ve learned from Cooper. Leadership is a skill that can’t be learned for the most part. You either have what it takes or you don’t.

In my experience the Siberian females rule for the most part. They seem to be a cut above in the brain department. They are fierce when challenged, they bring new life to the pack, and they think on a higher level.

The males have their place. When brute strength is needed, and large size to push through deep snow. That is when the males shine. They seem to be happy with this stress free environment. Let the females battle it out!

The males seem to be quite content to let the females lead and make the decisions. It appears to be a combination that has worked for thousands of years. Who am I to argue with success?






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