Step Into The Breach:

In traditional definitions, “To Step into the Breach” means to take the place of someone who is suddenly unable to do a job or task. In military terms a breach is a gap in fortifications made by enemy guns or explosives. Or to stand in the breach is to bear the brunt of an attack when other defenses or expedients have failed.

I want to offer you another definition of stepping into the breach. Imagine be loaded into a chamber of a rifle like a rifle cartridge. Then to be fired into space without knowing what your final destination will be. Will you smack a concrete wall, or maybe launched into space and arrive in a pristine forest? The possibilities are endless depending on the trajectory chosen by those who fire you into space.

You see, your trajectory is dependent on who pulls the trigger. Who guides this bullet called you? For the most part we are guided by our parents, friends, popular trends, alcohol or drugs, until we reach the point of truly independent thought. We learn or not, depending on the individual, some grow and some wither on the vine. Some hit that concrete wall and are destroyed, a few find that pristine forest. Some find another path by being deflected or ricocheting off a hard object in their path.

The path in your life should not to be chosen by others. Your path is determined by the culmination of your life experiences and fueled by hope. Do you choose the easy path others have planned for you, or do you hear the beat of a different drummer in your head?

In life you come to many forks in the trail ahead of you. Do you go to the right, and take the safe path or to the left…unknown and risky path? You must choose between what is safe even though it’s not what you really want. Or do you take the unknown path that may be full of danger and hardship?

You might fail, or you might find what was meant for you. No endeavor into the unknown is without risk, for with risk comes the possibility of a huge reward. And that reward is to find out who you really are.

Sleddogs don’t think about these things. They do what they do because they are Intune with themselves. They know what they are, and they follow their hearts with the love of the run, the adventure, and do not ever consider the dangers in front of them, because that would stop them from chasing their dreams.

Boldly they will chase that dream bred into them. For they cannot do anything else, it is what they are. They are not encumbered by doubt, or fear, or higher intelligence that questions every possibility. They are sleddogs and that is what they do.

The most important lesson in life I’ve learned from these simple creatures is to be true to yourself. Regardless of friends, popular opinion, and even family…you will never be happy unless you follow your own heart. Follow your own dreams regardless of what anyone else says. There is only one person living your life and that is you.

Whether your love be cooking, truck driving, brain surgery, quilting, sports, or any other thing that moves you. Take that risk, be who you were meant to be in your own heart. For without that you will never achieve your true purpose in life. You will always feel that you missed out on something and blame others for it. And in fact, the blame will be on you, because you settled for something less than what you truly wanted.

Unlike sleddogs, humans can control their own destiny. Step into the breach… your trajectory in this life is yours, and yours alone to decide.

Aim high, for that is where happiness lies. It lies in doing what you were meant to do. Not in relying on someone else to bestow you with what you dream about. For that only leads to unfulfilled expectations and blame.

Strength lies in being able to provide for yourself, your dreams are yours to fulfill, and no one else is responsible for that but you.

Step Into the breach, dare to be great, dare to be who you are inside. For that is where self-confidence and happiness in life is found.

It resides in your very own heart.

I think this speaks for itself.

Dogs of Winter:

I sat down with my dogs today, as they lounged upon their hay.
I ran my hands through furry coats, troubles began to fade away.
They looked at me with eyes of blue, nuzzling close… and they knew.

The Fate of dogs is tied to man, it’s something that they understand.
In those eyes hope springs eternal, trust in us the love maternal.
I took that hope from shining eyes, wagging tails and compromised.

Although they may not be the best, the spirit of Togo lives in their chest.
They look at me with hope and trust, for me they will give their very best.
I must do the very same, keep that faith, I’m very blessed.

And Love will conquer all the rest.
Sleddogs are the very best.


I think this speaks for itself.

80 Miles a Day:

24 and 56… miles between the sticks,
his team had done it times six.
80 miles of barren waste,
freezing wind upon your face.

Sometimes it was so cold,
it tested the bravest of souls.
When Jim had those thoughts,
like magic Jack would look back.

Jack was the leader of the dog pack,
with a howl he would turn and attack.
For him there was no option to fail,
he pulled harder against the trail.

They carried the mail to the bold,
those men who mined the gold.
A heavy sled with bags of mail,
they would deliver or die on this trail.

Like the riders of the Pony Express,
every run was another test.
Of men and dogs with fortitude,
they fought to live, with attitude.

It didn’t matter about the pay,
they just tried to see another day.
This is how the bonds were formed,
man and dogs, and freezing storms.

In the lands of endless winter,
love of dogs would never splinter.

The Seppala Siberian Sleddog:

A culmination of 6 months work is now done. I was pleased to co-author this with Mr. Willett.

Now available at Electronic or Print Versions. If you purchase the print version you can later purchase the e-book edition for $2.99

From 1974 – 2010 Douglas Willett, competing in over 200 races, totaling more than 12,000 miles, was a dominant force in Mid-Distance sled dog racing in the lower 48 states and Canada. With at least 79 first place, 32 second place, and 29 third place finishes in his career. Douglas and his Seppala Siberian Sleddogs, racing in the open class proved that the Alaskan Huskies could be beaten with pure bred Siberians.

This book chronicles his racing and kennel breeding history. It gives you the history of the Seppalas along with his detailed breeding records (91 Litters, and over 400 Seppala dogs produced) many of which went on to other kennels to become outstanding performers.

And let’s not forget about the dogs. Over 250 photos with at least 150 of them in color showing many of these famous Racing Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sleddogs from that time period. This book is his story and legacy…a journey with the Seppala Siberians. I invite you to relive this remarkable journey.

Mother Husky:

I’ll have you know how huskies go, I’m the future of my clan.
I’m the Queen of this pack, I don’t look back, my name is Ann.
Like my mother before me, I’ve learned I must be strong.
If I fail my task at hand, we will lose the husky song.

No one will ever own me, but my love I’m willing to share.
But it will be only given to those who show they care.
Miles and miles upon my legs, as we traveled way up North.
Guiding men through frozen lands a going back and forth.

I’d fight the Grizzly, or a trail of ice, I never will back down.
I pick my mate carefully before my pups are on the ground.
Big and strong he must be, to give my pups a chance.
For only the toughest can survive our frozen dance.

I’m the matriarch, the leader of this pack with sleigh.
Strong of body, mind, and heart…that is the husky way.
Some will lead, some will fail, and be left upon the trail.
Until that time this mother’s love will never fail.

There Was A Time:

There was a time not so long ago,
when Northern dogs ruled the snow.
Before man invented the snowmobile,
they relied on dogs with hearts of steel.

For in those lands full of frozen drifts,
when life and death can suddenly shift.
Dogs born under the northern lights,
their lives they would surely sacrifice.

Without a care for the ore of gold,
or the riches it could bring the bold.
These dogs ran for the love of man,
for he was the leader of their clan.

A pat on the head, a bit of meat,
maybe some beans for a treat.
Together they opened a vast frontier,
never thinking they might disappear.

They bide their time, like days gone past,
soon the winter will come and last.
Men will need them like in the past,
need their hearts and love steadfast.

So, love your dogs and hold them near,
together you’ll face the final frontier.
There was a time not so long ago,
when these dogs ruled the snow.

Some Things are Better Left Unchanged:

You can take a husky out of the North, but you can’t take the North out of a husky. Regardless of the temperature the husky swirl and tail curl remains. The need to be close to those in the pack is strong. The love and caring of that pack is second nature to them. Even when it makes them uncomfortable.

I talk a lot about DNA and how these dogs have not changed as much as us. We can only scratch the surface of what is in their DNA memories. They remain undiluted and pure regardless of human interference.

These hard learned lessons they have ingrained into them is why they fail in most apartments and urban environments. You have to understand where your dog came from. They can adapt, but the North remains in their very souls, and it runs in their veins.

Whether it be pulling a sled that we admire, or their love for family, or need for adventure and exercise…they remain pure of heart and soul. That’s something we could learn from.

I accept them for what they are, and I wouldn’t try to change a thing. When you are one with the huskies you mold your life around them. For that is the best for both of us.

Teach Your Children Well:

The love of animals will last a lifetime, and benefit both.

The Song of the North:

Dogs of the North have up to 27% of wolf DNA in them. You wonder why they howl…this is why. They are also in perfect harmony.

Spirits in the Sky:

They hear a voice from deep inside,
when those speak, they must abide.
They whisper tales of long ago,
when huskies thrived in ice and snow.

Lonely nights without much food,
they gladly gave their servitude.
Adventures waiting each new day,
man and dogs, with just a sleigh.

Traveling without any fears,
all across those great frontiers.
And when their time came to pass,
the rainbow bridge they did advance.

When pointing snouts to the sky,
they’re calling out to those on high.
They sing a song for those above,
brother spirits they are thinking of.

Someday they will join that pack,
and knowing they will not come back.
Today might be their very last,
living large before its past.

They howl their tales of life on earth,
how far they’ve come since birth.
That’s when you’ll hear that soulful cry,
to the husky spirits in the sky.

TJ 2018

The Road Less Traveled:

A different world exist for a few. A world that is reminiscent of our ancestors. Dogs and Men (Now women as well) who find themselves drawn to something from the past, unknown by many but not ever lost. For it is in the DNA of their fathers and mothers. Passed down from generation to generation. Those brave souls who forged nations regardless of the dangers. That spirit awakening once again in to some.  They hear the call and they answer it. They seek adventures and with that they accept the risk.

Partnered with these amazing animals that they share the bonds of love, and teamwork with. They head out to test themselves, and willingly face any obstacle put on the trail before them. They test themselves and their dogs against all nature can present. Winning or losing a race is not as important as the journey. A journey filled with trials and tribulations, but success comes from having done it with those that made it possible.

The dogs of the North.

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