There are many things in life that drive us. Bills that need paying being one of the most important ones. The problem with that is it takes away from what we really want to do. I work hard as you do to pay the bills but that is not what I really want to do. What I want to do is write, paint, build, etc.

Many of my friends are driven by playing music. It’s in their souls, it’s life and the place where they are happiest. You too, I imagine that you have your own dreams and desires that drive you. The rest of humanity not so much, because they are content to just exist. There is more to life than just existing!

The dogs of winter have taught me much. They too are driven, they are driven to run. To expand their horizons and see what lies beyond the next curve in the trail. They are explorers, they are adventurers they are free spirits only held back by their reliance on us. Some food, some love, and some medical care is all they require to be happy.

In exchange for those things, they open up a whole new world to us humans. The thrill of blasting down a trail by dog power is almost a spiritual experience that cannot be explained by words. It is something you have to try to really understand it.

Don’t end up being trapped by life’s constraints. Think about how to mitigate them, how to achieve whatever dream it is that you have. It requires some sacrifice on your part because nothing worth having comes easy. It comes from the struggle on your part. That struggle molds you into a better human being. You learn to accept the faults of others, and your own.

Do not forsake those seeking knowledge. Share the wisdom you have although it might not be perfect. When you look into the eyes of a child or puppy there is no difference. They seek knowledge and leadership from you to be the very best they can be. It’s our job to make it happen.

This is why the Seppalas are a special breed.


I seem to go in spurts, and inspiration shows up when it wants to. Whether it be music, poetry, writing, or painting, it has its timeline. You cannot force creativity, it shows up from many places, and at any time. The trick is to recognize it when it does.

My dogs inspire me, and other peoples dogs inspire me as well. A photo, a look, an action I notice. That’s when the spark hits me, that’s when I have to put it down in some form in hopes others see it as I do.

I may not be technically good at any of these efforts, but it comes from my heart. Some are in tune with what I do, others do not see it the same way, but that’s just fine. I’m quite happy with what comes out of my world of inspiration.

Bottom line is this: Find your inspiration, whether it be dance, art, music, even building something with your hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect to others. If you embrace your passion with all the love you have for that subject…it is perfect. Be creative, no matter what your passion.

That is how your dreams become a reality.

I happen to be in a painting mode lately, here is what I have done.

Time is Short

I ran across this poem on my FB page from a year ago. I’d forgotten all about it but it rings so true.

Time is short

Born blind and deaf upon the hay,
she could not feel the summer rays.
Locked inside a plywood box,
safe and sound amid moms’ locks.

Struggling for a nice warm teat,
that milk of life so sweet.
How quickly she did grow,
soon she learned of perfect snow.

The days went by much too fast,
her youth was gone it didn’t last.
She earned her place on the sled,
and for her work she was fed.

There was no time to be slack,
those who did lost the pack.
Only the strong would survive,
that is how the pack did thrive.

Working hard all day long,
followed with the evening song.
Singing out the song of the life,
curling up on the frozen ice.

Nose tucked under a curly tail,
cold wind blowing in a gale.
Thankful for God’s furry gift,
sleeping soundly amid the drifts.

Dawn came peaking around,
dogs popping up from the ground.
A new day bloomed just ahead,
no time to worry… or dread.

Life is short by any means,
the sin is not to chase your dreams.
Huskies chase those dreams each day,
Even if they have to pull a sleigh.

Dogs born unto the endless nights,
fearless beings who bring the light.
Look into those eyes so bright,
eyes that have second sight.

Souls that have seen it all before,
living large and want some more.
They know that time is short,
living life is not a sport.

TJ, 2018

Lance Mackey

4 time Iditarod champion has some thoughts about PETA.

The Husky:

New Queen of the pack Nikki on the left. Old Queen Sammie on the right.

Just a short story about what I’ve observed. Maybe not true to all huskies but I think it does prevail for most. The females of this breed are fierce, they rule the pack with an iron paw. They are the protectors and the delivery of the next generation. There is no glass ceiling in the husky world to keep them down…they rule.

3 years ago, young Nikki made her move to un-throne Sammie who up until that time had been the unquestioned leader of all. The fight broke out over a treat but it had been brewing for quite some time.
Nikki ended up punching a few holes through Sammy’s ear as a paper punch would do. It was a short and violent fight. Sammie has taken 3 years to get to this point where they can be in the same room together without rehashing the old battle.

The males seem to just posture and act tough, but they are reduced to jelly when the females are around. Reduced to mere breeding fodder, the males seem to accept this and keep a happy attitude. They don’t care about drama; they care about mating. They let the females fight it out about who is boss. I think there is some lesson in this that us men could learn from. LOL!

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