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I haven’t posted much in a while. Mainly do to finishing my 5th book and doing dog stuff. Husky stuff to be exact. You see my mission is to help save the Seppala Siberians from extinction. Not many know about them but they were developed by a man named Leonhard Seppala. What he bred became the Siberian Huskies of today.

Seppala became famous from a little effort known as the 1925 Serum run to save the children of Nome Alaska. You might have seen the movie “Balto.” Balto wasn’t the true hero, Leonhard Seppala and Togo were, but then movies don’t always have the facts straight.

I did drive 4000 miles to transport another Togo for our Kennel. Togo of Seppalta is at stud in Maine. We are expecting our next litter in October if things go as planned. I got him from Dr. Douglas Willet. Doug bred and raced Seppalas for over 30 years. Not only that but he raced the open class and consistently beat the Alaskan Huskies. Alaskan Huskies are a mixed breed of dogs bred strictly for performance not looks. They dominate the Iditarod and almost all races today.

They still came from the original, the Seppalas. Doug proved the Alaskan Huskies could be beaten and they were. Seppala’s are history and should not go quietly into the night. They won’t if I have anything to say about it.

It seems these days that everyone has an agenda or cause to promote. Some are misguided in my mind but who am I to judge them. I won’t unless they tell me how mistreated sled dogs are. If your life depends on the dogs that pull you through the wilderness are you going to really mistreat them?

That would be like slashing your own car tires. Sled dogs and mushers have a bond, a partnership that benefits both. Sure, some mushers are guilty but I bet that most of the dog abuse happens in everyday homes in urban area’s. If you want to start a crusade go after these people first. They are the true abusers of dogs.

Sled dogs crave running as much as humans crave sex. They need it to be healthy and happy. To deny them what they were bred for and to stick them in a kennel is a prison that destroys their brains. It leads to bad behaviors because that is the only way they have to tell us that their needs are not being met. And it ends up with them being taken to a shelter and put down just because most people don’t understand them.

That is why I write about them. To try and educate people in the ways of the Sled Dogs. They have no lawyers, they have no voice, but they have the heart and the wisdom of the ages I learn from them every day.

Togo of Seppalta and me on our way from Minnesota to Maine.

New Movie

The Dogs of Winter

I’ve released my 5th book. This one is composed of my sled dog poetry that you can find here on my page. I added some photos to help explain them or enhance them.

Available on Amazon: $9.99 print and $4.99 for Kindle or E type readers. Thanks for your support.

Karl’s first Mush

Togo of Seppalta

My Journey with Togo:

8 days, and 3,925 miles ago I left Virginia for Northern Minnesota to pick up Seppaltas Togo. Thursday, July 11th we arrived in Caribou Maine and his new home. Togo is a special dog who belonged to Douglas Willett until a few days ago when he entrusted Hannah and me with him. According to Doug, he is the best dog he ever bred in 40 years. Togo has never sired a litter and we hope to change that, and include his DNA into the preservation of the Seppalas in our kennel in Caribou Maine.

I will say on our travels he was amazing. For never being from home before, we traveled 10-12 hours a day. Crossed lake Michigan on a ferry in which he was in a crate for 5 hours. Stayed in hotel rooms, and friends houses along the way. All of this was new to him and he did great! So many new things and he did them all without a fuss. He didn’t care much for hotel rooms but nobody is perfect.

It was a long trip but worth it if we can get some offspring from Mr. Togo.

His new place will be to mush once again for fun, and of course to make more Seppalas. Many thanks to Doug Willet, and to RJ and Heather at Evergreen Seppalas for putting me up for the night as we crossed UP Michigan. They have amazing Seppalas of their own!

Togo of Seppalta
On the road with Togo
He was such a good dog for the whole trip.

While I was there I saw how great our puppies are doing at 3 weeks old from the “Z” litter.

A few of the “Z” litter pups.
15 New Husky friends for Mr. Togo.

Have you ever known,

someone at the young age of 21 who knows what they want to do for the rest of their life? Meet Hannah Lucas my Seppala kennel partner in Maine. She knows what she wants and that is to run the Iditarod someday. Before that happens it takes lots of racing and breeding of dogs. Not just any dogs but the ones we love the most. The Siberians.

Hannah at the start of the CanAm International Sled Dog Race. March 2019. She finished 13 out of 27 in her very first race.

Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs Page Liked · May 30 · Edited · 

Today we had a fan sponsor Poland Springs Delta Dawn of Northlane for $200, covering our entry fee to the Can Am Crown 100, February 29th, 2020.
Her Sponsor wished to remain anonymous but we are still forever grateful! 
Miss Delta Dawn will almost certainly be leading our racing team this coming season. Money from Sponsors will only be used for racing, training, and show expenses.

Looking for sponsors, racing isn’t cheap:

Each Sponsor will have their name(s)
listed on each dog’s individual Album (including each post about them) and below in this album; sponsors of $50 or more will also receive an autographed photo of the sponsored dog, with our names and stamping of said dog’s paw-print! As a dog sponsor, you are welcome to come to our Northlane Kennel during the year and meet the pup you’ve sponsored so they can personally thank you~

Under each dog’s photo’s you’ll find a link to their original album to learn more about them!
You can sponsor via Paypal Friends and Family
Or if you’d like to pay by check or money order please send us a message!

White: Poland Springs Delta Dawn…a 94% Seppala.

Mushing even the big races means women compete with the men. There is no handicap for being a woman. You run what you brung, and any woman willing to compete in this arena has my support. I’ve never seen 14 dogs so better cared for than hers. That’s why I partnered with this young woman, maybe together we can make her dreams come true. And save the Seppalas as well. It’s a win-win in my mind.

SnoMotions Bonk at Northlane. Mother of the Z litter.

So if you’d like to help, or even offer her some support that would go a long way. Check out her page on FB:

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