Seppalas the real ones:

I’ve had partnerships with a few folks to repopulate the breed. First was Poland Springs in Maine. They are now running a half dozen true Seppalas. My newest partner is also in Maine. We co-own 3 pure Sepps and are working on making more.

If you have FB you can find the kennel here:

Hopefully we will produce two more litters this spring if the dogs cooperate. Also many behind the scenes things to come if it all works out.

Ms. Hannah Lucas: Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled dogs.

Seppala and Togo:

The serum run in 1925 audio book style podcast. Great stuff. All 12 seasons.

National Love Your Pet Day:

There is big difference between a pet and a Siberian Husky. I know people love their pet dogs, cats, etc. but when it comes to the dogs of winter you go to another level.

Working sled dogs no matter what the breed, are not pets. They are partners who share their lives with us. Much like the difference between a girlfriend/boyfriend Vs. being married.

We are not always on the same page as these dogs, but they hold no grudges. They teach us, dumb humans, many things. If we don’t listen to these old souls, they will make us pay by destroying our homes with fang and claw, or any number of other things they can do.

My journey began with this guy, who taught me what being a Siberian Husky is all about. He taught me many more things…like forgiveness, love, adventure, and how to appreciate the life we have been given no matter how hard it might be. I am forever in debt to him. He changed my life for the better.

He made me a better human being, by making me understand his kind. I learned how to appreciate just exactly what he is, and how his ancestry made him what he is today.

Is he a pet? No, he is part of my family. Never perfect, sometimes loud, sometimes destructive, but always full of love for us. He is one of the dogs of winter, and we love him for what he is. And he accepts us for what we are no matter what our faults are. So we accept him as he accepts us.

That is love.

Mr. Cooper Lee Johnson
5 years old.

Iditarod Bound

I’m headed to the 2020 Iditarod. I’ve never been to Alaska or the race before. You can expect to see some post starting about March 5th on this new adventure of mine.

I have lots of things planned for this trip. Private fund raising dinner with Lance Mackey limited to 60 people. Helicopter flight to a dog sled tour. Musher’s banquet with all the big names (another fundraiser.)

I’m really looking forward to this adventure and I will post how it turns out. I plan on presenting 4 times Iditarod winner Lance Mackey with this painting I did of his famous dog, Larry. I hope he likes it or at least recognizes him.

Larry was a bombproof canine, Larry helped Lance Mackey win a third straight Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It will go down as the last race of Larry’s career. Larry has finished eight Iditarods — seven with Mackey and one with former Mackey neighbor Paul Gebhardt from Kasilof — and four Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Races, not to mention dozens of middle-distance sled dog races.

His record as a leader is remarkable. Larry has led teams in 10 races of 1,000 miles, and he has won seven of them. Along the Iditarod Trail, he has become almost as famous as Mackey. Larry made a big name for himself in 2007 by becoming the dog to win the golden harness in both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. His master made history that year, too, winning sled-dog racing’s first Iditarod-Quest double.

Now his painting is on my wall of fame, but he won’t be here for much longer. I plan to give this painting to Lance on March 4th in Anchorage, AK.

Larry, not much more can be said.

Seppala Issue:

I may have played a part in this one (Feature Story.)

The Seddogger Magazine, Winter Issue, free to read at your leisure.

Love the bond:

Look at the 5:23 minute mark, this is what it’s about.

Short and to the point

A two minute prayer.

Seppala Siberians

This is what they do best…run. A video from my friends at Evergreen.

For them I paint:

I find it heartwarming to give something to someone who has lost their best friend forever. Owning dogs is a joy and when they pass it’s so hard to deal with. My latest work goes to one such person that spent a short 7 years with this dog. I felt the need to paint this magnificent Alaskan Malamute for them.

Forever Yours, Faithfully.

The trip is booked:

It looks like I’m headed to Alaska in March to see the Iditarod. That may not mean much to some but to me, it’s a dream come true. I’m also attending a private fundraising banquet with 4 times Iditarod champion Lance Mackey.

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