All that’s lost:

My analogy begins with the picture of the Siberian Husky. Pure and simple in their ways of the world. I pick them because I know them best. But they are no different than your own dog no matter what his breed is.

All dogs share a common trait, which is loyalty and love of man. You cannot deny that if you’ve ever owned a dog. We don’t deserve them, for we are pretty much an evil and vile race of beings. Always thinking of ourselves before others. Few of us reach down to help others climb higher. We are civilized or so we think, but are we really?

Greed, the quest for power, and a never-ending drive to rise above others is our way. We step on those below us and laugh it off as if it were a joke. Life is not a joke, not to those who struggle in a world full of hatred and miss trust.

No longer is there hope for those with less. We put them on an island of hopelessness because of our own drive to be better than everyone else. We’ve lost our basic humanity that must be in place to sustain our race.

In the end, no one will win. We will go down fighting each other for the last scrap of land or food. We will die wondering what we did to deserve God’s retribution. It’s pretty simple really, we earned it by our lust for just about everything. Our curse is our need to have more than our neighbor and call them losers if we outclass them.

We hate those that have more than us with murder in our hearts. We are an evil race; we’ve taken things we wanted with no remorse for those who fell before our might. We’ve ruined the very land that allows us to survive. We’ve taken more than our share and laughed about how we won!

Now you can argue your gun control and your presidential candidates but what does that serve. Does it help those in desperate need? Did you offer your hand to help someone up? Did you give your best friend help when they needed it? Or did you ignore your phone because you were busy with whatever?

You see that is the problem, we think of ourselves before others and that is wrong. I’m not saying I’m a saint by any means, but I have the wisdom of age. I recognize my faults and I try to correct them and help others when I can.

I can’t save the world by myself, but it’s a start. Maybe it’s too late, and even all of us cannot save ourselves from what we’ve created. But maybe if we try we can make a difference.

I grew up shooting guns, killing defenseless animals, and having a grand old time. But wisdom comes from the strangest places and in its own time. My enlightenment came from the simplest creature, a Husky and a mere dog to most people.

Pure in spirit and purpose, they are not burdened with higher intelligence. Dogs have few needs, food, shelter, and love. In return, they give everything they have to those that they love. As a race of higher intelligent beings, we should look at them and learn as I have.

It’s not too late to get back what we’ve lost. But soon it will be too late, and then we will disappear from this earth. Maybe it’s best if we do and leave this planet to those who deserve it.

Z litter update

One week old and growing faster than weeds. Almost 3 lbs. already. When you look at these puppies you think how cute they are. No denying that, but with only 300 hundred of Seppala Siberians left that I know of, these six new lives mean so much more. They are the future of the breed, they will be the next link in the unbroken chain that reaches back to the very beginning with a guy Named Leonhard Seppala. Yes, the famous man that ran the 1925 Serum run to Nome. The legend will continue a bit longer with these pups.

Mother Bonk and 5 pups.
Number 6 was too full to make the group photo but she is well.

New Life

June 18, 2019:

Something exciting happened that night in Caribou, Maine. Six new Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs joined the living. 2 Males and 4 Females are now on earth to carry on.

It might not seem like a big deal to anyone but those who understand the struggles many have faced to keep them going. I hope to see them racing in a few years, and doing what they were made for. This is what these dogs were bred for and they crave it as much as you want that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Thanks to Jonathan Nathaniel Hayes and Hannah Lucas my two friends that share the same vision with me. And thanks to Douglas Willett for everything I’ve learned from you.

6 New Seppalas
Sire: PSK Polar Bear of Deer Creek.
Dam: SnoMotions Bonk of Northlane.

The Siberian Husky

I’m working on my 5th book about them. Some folks would ask why?

It’s because in all my years of working with dogs I’ve never met a breed so unique and inspirational. You can read books about them, you can enjoy the photos of how beautiful they are but you will never realize what they are until you live and bond with them. The husky is an amazing dog and a world-class athlete. Not only that, but they are devoted family members as well.

They may drive you crazy at first but that is because they demand certain things from us. It takes a while to understand them but once you do, it can be a life changing event. I know they changed my life, and for the better.

Here is a video of two of my dogs. The Huskies are not barkers, they don’t bark incessantly at everything. I love that about them but they do talk. They talk when they want to tell you something. They are old souls in young bodies who spend time with us. They are the essence of what the people of this country used to be. Free spirits who crave adventure in spite of the risks. Adventurers who helped us open the Arctic with their tenacity and spirit. They remain unchanged from the days of old. They were here long before us and probably will be long after we are gone.

Welcome to a World you didn’t know existed.

Meet the Future

Hannah Lucas is my kennel partner in Seppala Siberians in the great state of Maine. You can read all about her here:

If you want to help this young woman with Iditarod dreams you can do it here on Facebook. In her very first race, she finished 13 of 27 in the 30-mile race. I think the future of this 21 year old spit fire girl is very bright.

Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled DogsMay 30 at 5:16 PM · 

Today we had a fan sponsor Poland Springs Delta Dawn of Northlane for $200, covering our entry fee to the Can Am Crown 100, February 29th, 2020.
Her Sponsor wished to remain anonymous but we are still forever grateful! 
Miss Delta Dawn will almost certainly be leading our racing team this coming season.
Money from Sponsors will only be used for racing, training, and show expenses.
Each Sponsor will have their name(s)
listed on each dog’s individual Album (including each post about them) and below in this album; sponsors of $50 or more will also receive an autographed photo of the sponsored dog, with our names and a stamping of said dog’s paw-print! As a dog sponsor you are welcome to come to our Northlane Kennel during the year and meet the pup you’ve sponsored so they can personally thank you~

Under each dog’s photo’s you’ll find a link to their original album to learn more about them!
You can sponsor via Paypal Friends and Family
Or if you’d like to pay by check or money order please send us a message!


Xafod of Seppalta 2006-2018
Long May You Run!

A painting I just did for a friend of mine who lost this friend one year ago tomorrow.

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