This is Mr. Amadeus with his new frame, and I’ve added him to my wall of fame, or shame depending on your point of view. I don’t know anything about his life. I’m sure he’s long since crossed over the rainbow bridge. I found his photograph in a shoebox full of photos belonging to Douglas Willett last time I visited him. But to me, he has the “Look” of a fierce sled dog. A dog anyone would be proud to have on their team.
His gaze says it all to me and is why I wanted to paint him.

Amadeus: “Winter is Coming.”

Art Show:

I thought I would try this and see what happens. There is a juried art show in Bethesda, MD. coming up in Feb. I submitted these paintings to see if I get in. 1st place pays $10k, 2nd $2K, and 3rd $1K. Considering I only started painting 2 years ago I won’t be crushed if I don’t get in, or place. I paint them because I love these sled dogs with a passion.

Paintings are 8×10 done in acrylic and sometimes spray paint for the background. I built the frames which are scorched oak, stained and clear coated.

All the dogs are from Shaytann Siberian Kennels in the Yukon, Canada. Except for Cooper who is one of my dogs. Two of them are 2-time finishers of the 1000 miles… Yukon Quest, and Iditarod (Bering & Max).

You can learn more about Shaatann Siberians here

Shaytann’s Bering
Shaytann’s Charlie
Cooper Lee
Shaytann Team cresting the ridge.
Shaytann’s Max

May the New Year bless us all.

Shaytann Siberians

Painting number 7 in a series of I don’t know how many yet. They have a lot of dogs for me to paint.

Left to Right: Keelut, Eeek, Joe, Hektor, and Medea.

Newest Addition:

Painting number 6 in my “Shaytaan Siberians” series. Meet “Bering.”

Check out the fabulous Yukon Quest dogs at:

Busy times:

It seems like I don’t have enough time to keep up with everything these days. Mainly because I’m always doing some kind of project. Writing books, painting, running dogs, keeps me very busy. I just wanted to show you my latest art projects. I’m painting a series of dogs from Shaytann Siberian Kennels. They run the Yukon Quest and sometimes the Iditarod. When I found their photos I just had to paint them. This is dogs 4 and 5 in the series so far.


Togo the Movie: Review

First of all for those wondering. No dogs die in this movie, in fact, none show any real damage that an ace bandage won’t fix. The acting is very good and there isn’t a lot of dialogs. That rings true as the real stars are the dogs. Togo the canine actor looks very much like the original and his performance in the movie was sensational.

I would say this movie is at least 98% true to the book, “The Cruelest Miles.” The ending is not exactly like the book but well played just the same. The cinematography is well done and the scenery is very beautiful and breathtaking.

The storyline is well done, not only historical but filled with drama about the situations the characters found themselves in. And how they answered the call to save the children of Nome. Not much credit is given to the other mushers of the relay teams but I think that is fine. Togo was shorted throughout history for his part. Seppala and his dogs with Togo in lead ran the longest distance of any team and crossed Norton Sound not only once but twice.

It’s an awesome movie for all ages! For me, the lump in my throat watching this came from the connection between Sepp and Togo. I know what that connection feels like, and I’m sure you do too. You might not save a town, but the connection between humans and our dogs are undeniable, whether you have a Yorkie or a Husky.

That’s a love that you cannot describe or ever forget.

Well done Disney!

Togo the Movie:

I’m so psyched about this tomorrow night. Get Disney+ for a 7-day free trial and see the true hero of the 1925 Nome Serum run…Togo and William Dafoe as Leonhard Seppala.

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