Togo of Seppalta – II

Approximately 4 years ago, I was allowed to purchase frozen semen from a dog that lived almost 30 years ago. His name was Race of Seppalta, the 3rd best racing sled dog that dog Doug Willett raised out of 450 Seppalas over his 30-year career.

It took 4 plus years to bring the semen from California, arrange the storage and wait for the stars to align the logistics of human and dog lives. The Seppala female is named Bonkers, and through the magic of artificial insemination, a litter of 3 pups were whelped. Togo and 2 sisters, now named Duska and Mokka. They bring a much-needed infusion of DNA into the declining numbers of Seppala Siberian Sleddogs.

I retained Togo, and his two sisters are with my friend in Caribou, ME. Togo has been amazing so far. Not only is he the smartest pup I’ve ever had…he is going to be huge. At a little over 4 months old, he weighs 47 Lbs. and is almost as tall as his mom.

I gave him a great name because I fully expect him to do great things, just like his father did 30 years ago. Time will tell, but so far, he has exceeded all expectations. I expect his sisters will be just as awesome!

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