It’s a bit different than Virginia

I arrived in June, and it was warm, sunny, and green. Very beautiful, and I had no idea that winter would be so different. I had it in my head that there would be lots of snow and cold, but living it brings a needed change to your daily chores, etc.

We are not entirely off the grid. We have internet, power, etc. But being several miles from a town presents its own problems. It’s a long ride for groceries and services like Doctors and items you might have close by in your town. Tractor Supply is the Home Depot of our world. Unless you want to drive an hour for a Lowes.

We had a spell of -25 F with wind gusts to 50 Mph. You get acclimated to the cold in time, but not that cold! Right now, if it’s 0 or above, it seems like a heat wave. You also learn to dress warmly. Snow pants and, recently, electric socks and mittens are well worth the price.

Snow gets deep up here.

I spend most of a day moving snow each time it dumps. We’ve had 24″, 10″, 12″, and lots of 5 or less dusting. I’ve learned much this winter and will move the dog yard and many other things. The snow piles up and doesn’t melt, so you have to put it someplace. I so hate shoveling out the dog yard!

You also need lots of equipment up here. Tractors, ATVs, snowmobiles, emergency generators, wood, and propane. The list goes on and on. The alternative is you will suffer if you are not prepared.

That’s life in the frozen north. I can’t wait for the short summer to prepare for next winter.

One Comment on “It’s a bit different than Virginia

  1. in the past I have lived in Oregon where there is snow, but not like that! I was 45 when I decided that 25 degrees was too cold for me. now that i am older and have joint issues and medical conditions I live where it is warm. I admire you! ________________________________


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