The Great White North

My first winter in this land of ice and snow. I discovered that even the simplest things become difficult when the temperature is in the single digits. You don’t have any dexterity with gloves or mittens. So you pull them off to do whatever, and your hands are frozen by the time you get done. Also, anything will break if it gets cold enough. Bolts, hoses, chains, etc. You name it, and it becomes stiff and/or breaks easier than when it’s warm.

Every time it snows, I have to dig out the dog yard. Next winter, the yard will be located on high ground, and a building will be attached for the dogs to live in. A roof is one way to keep snow out of the living areas. Because it’s a fairly long way to town, you need backups of all essential equipment.

I must say that the dogs certainly love this weather, land, and adventures. That makes it all worth while.

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