Seppala Siberian Sled Dog:

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What’s that you say? I never heard of it before, are they some kind of designer breed?

No, it is in fact the original line of dogs conjured up by one of the greatest sled dog drivers known. His name was Leonhard Seppala and he and his dogs ran the Nome serum run in 1925. His kennel of dogs produced Balto, Togo, Fritz and many others.

To the average husky owner none of this means much. They love their husky and that is how it should be. But do you know that your husky laying on the couch or eating it depending on their mood is a descendant as well?

All Siberians share common genes with the original 20-30 dogs bread by Seppala. They have been bred over and over again but the DNA remains locked into the originals. Seppalas are a breed apart even though their cousins now inherit most of the world. The true line of Seppalas is one of history and different traits.

The Seppala is easier to train and they work like no other dog. The work is strong in this group if you are into a sled dog. They are more into the family, and less into fighting everything on four legs they encounter. They are faster and work harder than a normal Siberian.

For many years a few dedicated individuals strived hard and gave up much to keep the original line pure. There were some speed bumps, but for the most part they still exist in varying percentage based on pedigrees that date back to the original foundation dogs bred by Seppala.

These dogs are in fact the baseline of your very own husky and if you could trace your dog back to the first generation you would find Togo or Fritz as a sire. We all come from somewhere, and Siberians of modern-day come from Seppalas original line.

This is fact and cannot be disputed. The pedigrees tell the tale of over 100 years since they began. Many people these days want to change history because they have some problem with it. They want to tear down statues, remove plaques, and any other thing that they don’t happen to agree with.

Like a husky I prefer to live in the moment, accept history as real, and move on. Why dwell in the past when the future is now?

The Seppalas have faced many problems. Most of them caused by humans who wanted fame and glory above the fate of these animals. The individuals fought for control and how to direct them into the future. The end result is they are now almost extinct. Few remain in the high percentage of DNA but they don’t care. They are dogs first and our BS doesn’t matter to them.

There are in fact a few of us owners left who have picked up the gauntlet left on the ground. We are doing our best to keep the line going. However, depleted it is…they are the true blood that started it all. That is important and they are great working dogs. They deserve to have us try and save them because they are royalty.

The Seppalas can only be saved by us. They saved lives in 1925 and gave their all to do it. I don’t think it’s asking too much to return the favor they bestowed on us dumb humans. If you want to have another husky why not have one of royal blood? One who was born as a direct descendant of those original dogs?

We few have given a lot to obtain them and breed them. But they will not endure without people willing to own them. If you want to save something…all I ask is you consider your next husky is a Seppala. You won’t be disappointed.

Keep the dream alive.




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