The Seppala Siberian Sleddog

PSK F Litter.
PSK Polar Bear of Deer Creek left front lead. PSK Frost of Starfire right front lead. Both exceptional Seppala Siberian sleddogs. Jonathan Hayes with the team in Maine, USA

Maybe only dog drivers will understand the significance of this upcoming litter. More Seppala Siberians will enter the world to carry on the legacy. These are the direct descendants of Leonhard Seppala’s original dogs. Their numbers are dangerously low and our mission at Poland Springs Kennels is to keep them from disappearing into the night.

We’re expecting in mid to late October. God willing, more Seppala’s will come into the world healthy and ready to continue the legacy. I’m excited about this upcoming litter! PSK Polar Bear of Deer Creek x PSK Frost of Starfire. Follow Poland Spring Kennels @

PSK F Litter-page-001
Pedigree of upcoming litter. A long line of great working sleddogs. Seppalas…accept no substitute.

The legend will continue if we can help it.

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