To the Sanctimonious Herd:


To the Sanctimonious Herd:

This goes out to all those who think they know dogs. Those that put themselves above and beyond thousands of years of DNA and common sense. The Facebook know it all’s who troll these halls of electronic miss information.

My girl Nikki turns three years old on the 13th of September. She was born on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania. To no fault of her own, anymore than we can choose who, or where, we are born into this world.

But to some of you this is some kind of abomination, me buying a dog from the Amish is some kind of evil thing I’ve done because I’m stupid. Nikki proves just how wrong you are in your racist interpretation of the dog world.

Nikki is in fact an admirable representative of the Siberian Husky people. She works hard in harness, and loves harder than you can imagine. Small of stature, and huge in heart, she has proven over and over again what a great dog she is.

She doesn’t care where she was born, she doesn’t care what you think, and really…neither do I. The proof is in the pudding and she’s proven to be an above average husky regardless of her birth place.

The dogs make the kennel, and they make you…who you are. Unless you breed dogs of your own, then you really didn’t do anything except own them. Without them doing the work, and being what they are, you are nothing more than a care giver claiming false glory of how wonderful and smart you are.

For Nikki’s 3rd birthday this is my gift to her. To right the wrongs done to her for being born on the south side of the tracks. To stand up and say what she would if she really cared. But then she is a husky and to her it really doesn’t matter.

She is above human pettiness…she is a Siberian Husky.

Happy Birthday Nikki!

2 Comments on “To the Sanctimonious Herd:

  1. I must be one of the ignorant ones! Why would it matter if Nikki’s birthplace was an amish farm? Maybe not akc registered? Your stories about her tell me she is an amazing husky!


    • Apparently it matters to some folks where she was born. I was told all the Amish mistreat their animals and they are all puppy mills.


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