Why a blog?

This is a blog about the Siberian Husky. My insight into the mind of the Husky comes from many hours of observations, and living with them as members of my family. I want to share that information with prospective owners of these amazing dogs. And even if you don’t aspire to own a husky, maybe you will find some entertainment from my own journey with them.

I hope you learn something helpful to you and your Husky, should you choose to take the trail together. You are about to learn there are no other dogs on earth quite like them. Trials and tribulations may lie ahead, but if you stay the course the rewards will be immense! I can tell you that my own journeys with my Huskies have changed my life forever.

I hope to pass on some of the stories of my own life with the Huskies. You will find them to be humorous at times, and other times serious thoughts. But each one has a lesson I’ve learned from living with these amazing people…Siberian People.


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