Inside the Palace (Annals of Queen Nikki)


The witching hour is usually considered to be at “Midnight.” It was thought that at this time paranormal forces are at their peak. This is the time that witches came out to practice their evil magic.

At my house, it usually occurs between 2:30-3:30 AM. This is the time that the dark forces call to one black and white husky named, “Nikki.” This is the time when she decides I should wake up so she can go out and commune with these dark spirits that come calling.

While searching for a solution to my interrupted sleep. I began to wonder if her name might have something to do with it. I mean, I’m running out of ideas so I must examine every possibility. I looked up her name which my wife bestowed upon her. Maybe there is an answer to her personality in it?

In English, the meaning of the name Nikki is: Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of ‘Nicholas. “You are restless, sociable people-oriented, a lover of change, and a seeker of adventure and new thrills.”

My wife sure can pick them! That describes Nikki perfectly, even if she happens to be a cute little husky.

This morning at 2:00 AM the “Nickster” woke me up in the usual way. A jab with both front paws to the chest followed by a lick, and wide gleaming eyes full of unknown husky mischief. She was letting me know that forces beyond my understanding were calling to the Queen of the Night.

I stumbled around to the sliding glass door, and before setting her free told her, “Don’t take all night! Do your thing and get back here…I want to sleep!”

She wags that fuzzy tail, and dances around like she can actually hear me. I slide the door open and “Whoosh!” the black and white bullet is gone as soon as she can fit though the gap. I wait a few minutes and no Nikki. So, I call her and threaten her with a few choice words. No response…

I look over at Cooper who is content to have stolen her little dog bed while she is outside. Never mind the fact that he barely fits in it. The fact that he now lies in the Queens bed is more than enough to make him hold back any thoughts of going out to pee.

“You’re a lot of help!” I tell him and open the door.

Every night about this same time I wonder if the neighbors can hear me yelling, “Don’t make me get my shoes on, and come after you!”

I wait a few more minutes, and the threat goes unanswered. I grumble at Cooper as I put my tennis shoes on, “Got damn dog!”

He smiles at me and Waller’s in the little bed with no concern about any injustice I have to endure.

Cooper then settles on his back with all 4 legs in the air and finally looks at me as I retrieve the flashlight and head for the door. The look on his face says, “She’s the Queen, what did you expect?”

Now I’m armed with a tactical flashlight, shorts, T-Shirt, and tennis shoes. I head out in the dark to find out where the hell she went, and why she hasn’t come back yet.

The Tac-light has a beam powerful enough to look like a search light when you point it up in the sky. Once again, I wonder if the neighbors are laughing, and looking out their bedroom window as I search the grounds for “Stinky!”

You see, the husky Queens nick name changes depending on any given scenario she puts me in. At the current time, she was at the “Stinky” level of my patience. Queen or not she was being “Stinky!”

I scan the front quarter acre, with no dog in sight? I know she is out there, but I can’t see her and have to call her again as I sweep the laser like beam of light around.

Just when I think she has escaped, out of the bushes comes a black and white form. Slinking, and then running to escape the beam of light like a prisoner running to escape the flood lights from the guard towers!

She may be fast, but light is faster!

She circles wide… but realizes she’s been made, and there is no escape from the light or me. She then trots to the back door, and waits impatiently for me like I’ve been wasting the Queens time!

I trudge back in the middle of the night, not taking the light off of her. I was not about to let her fade into the dark once more. She wags her tail…” Right!” I tell her and open the door.

Quick as a wink she darts inside and spots Cooper in her bed. No problem… she jumps up on mine, does three quick circles and flops down like nothing happened. Apparently, her buried bones and other treasures on the royal grounds are all safe and accounted for.

I grumble, but am tired enough to just forget it. I want to get some sleep before the alarm goes off in 90 more minutes.

Once again, the Queen has won the game. I’ll solve this problem one of these days if I’m lucky.

If not, there will always be plenty of campfire stories about Queen Nikki!

Her loyal servant,



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