The End of the Siberian Husky

I pen this post with a heavy heart. I see the future for my beloved huskies and it is not one that I would choose for them.

If a husky has any faults that will do him in, it is beauty. When God made this dog in all his glory he could not have done any better. The husky is a magnificently beautiful dog, but that is only skin deep. So many people buy them based on this. As beautiful as they may be, that is not even close to what they really are.

What lies beneath that exterior is one amazing animal. A free independent dog that thinks and probably was not designed for apartment life. For thousands of years they lived in lands that would kill most humans. They not only lived but thrived because they were bred for this very purpose. A purpose that most people don’t like or even understand.

They are constantly being bred to meet the demand. But not being sold to people who will give them what they need. They need to run and pull things. That is what they do and it pains me that nobody seems to care. People complain about how they destroy things and dig, and pace around.

It’s because they are not being allowed to be who they are. They are being forced into a world that they don’t want or understand. Sitting on a couch and looking pretty is not a husky. Yes, they can do that but only if what is inside of them is satisfied. The need to run, the need to explore, the need to be free.

It seems like human nature is to destroy things. To force our will and desires on to others no matter the cost. We have an idea of what is perfect in our world, and we find a way to force that on those less strong.

Sadly, that is the fate of the husky. He is to be looked upon and not heard. No matter how loud his heart speaks… it will be ignored, for he is only a beast we control. And if he can’t be controlled we will cast him aside and let someone else deal with his pain.

Now you may speak of all the inequalities in this world of ours. Black lives matter, right wing, left wing, gays, and transgendered. But who speaks for those who cannot?

We do, or we should. That is what God would do…he would speak for those who cannot. He would stand up for those forgotten, and those who slowly slip to the edge of the abyss. He created the husky for a purpose, and to deny that is truly a crime.

You cannot change a person or dog into something they are not. You should rejoice in what they are for it is unique and special. They have no voice, they have no vote, but you do.

Do not let this soul slip from us and become something less from what he was designed to be. Let him be what he was meant to be. Let him run, whether it be on a skateboard, bike, or anything else you can figure out.

Huskies need to run…just like they have for thousands of years. It is what they are, and to deny that is wrong. That is their job and what they do best. They are not ornaments, or conversation pieces for dinner with your boss.

They are Huskies!

Find a place for them in your world. Meet them half-way because they need you to help them fit into this world. And they have to be what God intended them to be.

If not, they will soon be gone, just a shell of what they were.









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