The Faithful & Forgiving


One of my long time friends wrote a post about his faith, and how most of us don’t call on it until its needed. We go through our lives for the most part, not thinking about it until a crisis. Hey, I’m guilty of the same thing. But it made me stop and think about it.

I’m not a church going guy. I guess all the scandals of TV evangelicals ripping off old people sort of made me not trust them much. Back when I was young and did go to church. And if the stories were true, many of the people there had a lot to be forgiven for. They only problem is they kept on making new stories… instead of changing their ways.

Now that’s not to say I don’t believe in a higher power. I believe in God very much, but like I said I’m not much for church. I don’t think God cares much if you go to church every Sunday, as much as he wants us to be decent human beings.

As in all things these days that I think about, I relate them to my dogs. Not just any dogs but Huskies. They teach things just by being alive. All you have to do is look and you might find an answer to what is bothering you.

Huskies are not normal in dog terms, they are unique. I feel so connected with them, that I sometimes wonder how I made it through most of my life without them.

Naturally I took my friends words that he had written, and looked to my huskies for guidance. I began to wonder if huskies have Gods, or a supreme husky that guides them when they are troubled. I looked at them in the eyes…and they looked back at me with those blue eyes that seem to know everything.

Not a word was spoken by them, but it suddenly dawned on me.

Huskies and all dogs for that matter have undeniable faith in us. They have faith that they will be fed. Just like a farmer has faith in God that it will rain on his crops, so he will be able to feed his family.

Dogs have faith in us to save them when they are afraid. Just like we have faith in law enforcement to save us if we need it. Even if they are abused, miss-treated, starved, or anything else we do. That faith may be questioned by them but the spark remains alive. If it didn’t, there would be no hope for dog rescues. It would be impossible to save them without them having faith that the next owner would be better to them.

Do I have faith in them the same way? No, not really because I’m a human. I wasn’t gifted with the same amount of faith they have. If I let them out of my fence they will run like miss guided children. But I think they have faith I will come and find them.

Now it’s hard to trust people for the most part. I’ve had that problem once I was burned a few times. But I’ve learned, that sometimes if you have some faith you will be rewarded for it. I don’t mean go to church and pray for the winning lottery numbers. I mean put some faith in others, and see what comes back.

Sometime you have to take the risk. Dogs don’t have this choice but we do.

Because of my connection with my furry friends I’ve learned a little about how faith works. You believe that who you give your trust to, will not disappoint that trust you put in them. Sometimes people just need that vote of confidence from us. Instead of ripping us off, they take a major step up in the world. All because someone had some faith in them. Just like my huskies have faith in me.

I’ve put some trust in perfect strangers I’ve never even met. I’ve trusted them with money, and something even more important to me…some huskies.

Without faith, there really isn’t much to hope for. You will spend all your time guarding everything and worrying yourself to death.

I’ve taken a lesson from my huskies on this and so far, I have not been disappointed. You see sometimes people will surprise you…you just need a little faith. Sure its a risk, a every owner is a risk to a dog.

But dogs have faith, and forgiving souls.

And that is a lesson we all can learn from.



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