Band of Brothers…and Sisters


I’ve told you so many times that I just sit back in my garage and observe the Husky. I’m like a fly on the wall with a camera. I let my dogs be dogs, some people don’t do that, and you are missing some important life lessons.

When Nikki was a puppy I kept her sequestered for the most part because Cooper was just too rough with her. She was growing fast, and so was her spirit. At the age of six months I put them back together in the garage to see what would happen. After a few battles for dominance, they took a nap together.

This may not seem so important to you, but let me tell you what I saw.

I can’t speak to all dogs but I can to speak to the actions of my Huskies. This breed is fierce and full of life. They live on the edge, never giving any quarter, or quitting. The pack is a family of sorts, it doesn’t matter if they are all Huskies but they seem to recognize one of their own.

It’s sort of like some families. You fight, and maybe disagree intensely! But then you all sit down to Sunday dinner that seems to melt away for a short while. It’s the right of blood…to a dog it’s the same only the pack is family. The pack is everything!

They fight and try to climb the ladder just like we do in our world. They have ambitions as much as anyone who works in the corporate world. The difference is when the fighting is over, they are happy with the outcome. They don’t hate like we do, they accept their place in the natural order of things.

Although humans command the highest intelligence on earth, it comes with a price. Sure, we can solve complex problems, we can send men to the moon, and invent amazing machines. But we’ve lost some of the basics of life.

Dogs and animals in general are not burdened by complex intelligence. The live, love, reproduce, and die. It’s just four simple things that seem to get lost in our own lives. Humans fight, and try to outdo the neighbor. It’s all about the material things in life, and not what matters most.

Having a pack to belong to, to be a member of the “Family” no matter what your station, is more important than being alone to a dog. The pack may not particularly like every member, but they accept them because they are one of them. They will never desert them or leave them alone.

Your own family may scorn you for being you. Especially if you do not happen to fit their mold of what you should be in their eyes. That’s okay, because it’s your life to live not theirs.

Expectations from your family, boss, society, and just about anyone else with an opinion, cloud what is truly important in life. Higher intelligence isn’t always correct.

I cannot change who I am, any more than my Huskies can change who they are.

We are all unique, and subject to be who we are. No matter who wants us to be something different than what we were put on this earth to be.

I’m part of the pack, the leader, even if I must enforce acceptable behaviors my furry friends. Do they hate me for maintaining discipline? No, they expect nothing less than fair and equal treatment.

They give you love and acceptance, but they expect the same in return. A bad member of the pack who breaks this rule will be turned out. There is no worse punishment to a Husky than being left alone.

They want and need the security of their pack mates. Someone has their back if you want to look at it that way. It’s a two-way street in the dog world, and in ours.

When the daily battles for dominance and pack order have been fought. My Huskies lie down at the end of the day, and enjoy being close to each other. I’m with them, and they feel secure enough to let me see the loving part of their lives. I feel very privileged to be part of it.

I observe and learn what most of us have lost.

The lesson I’ve learned is about being true to what you are. You cannot change who, or what you are, no matter what anyone else wants.

When the day’s battles are over, huddle close to those who accept you into their pack. Even if you don’t always agree with them, they accept you for whom and what you are. Your soul belongs to you, it makes you what you are. Dogs know this, they don’t even think about it…they are what they are.

Be what you were meant to be…hold those close who except that, and ditch those who do not.

Everyone has a pack, a band of brothers and sisters who feel the same as you. Embrace your life, don’t doubt it…just live it!


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