The Secret to a life well lived


The secret to a happy life as taught by the Siberian People is easy. The four rudiments are love, work, eat, and sleep. Each one should be done to the best of your ability.

These Iditarod dogs in this picture tell that story of family, friends, struggle, and companionship. They work as a team to achieve a goal, they love each other as family even if they are not. And when the work is done, they bask in the glow of a life well lived. The companionship that only brothers in arms experience on the battlefield.

Each team member is important in whatever role they hold. From musher to wheel dog, each one is important to the team’s success or failure. The leaders lead, taking on the responsibility for the safety of all. It’s not an easy task and some dogs just can’t deal with the pressure. But with a strong leader, they work so hard, that the team gets over that last rise, or through that driven snow.

They trust in each other that they will do their part, and they do, because they don’t want to fail their team.

They journey together through thick and thin, but always the team equals more than the sum of its parts. It’s the way to survive, it’s what’s been done for thousands of years in husky history. It’s encoded into their DNA. It’s what makes a husky special above other breeds. It’s what they do, and how they prefer to live.

Can we do no less?

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