Life Lessons from the Siberian People:


Life Lessons from the Siberian People:

My own journey for the past several years has opened my eyes. The animal world has many lessons to teach if you take the time to study it. Many of us so-called higher species spend so much time trying to climb the ladder of success that we’ve forgotten the basics of what a life well lived means.

Now I don’t propose that I know all things, but I do know some things about these dogs. They are great teachers, unspoiled by politics or popular thought. They know who, and what they are, and they lead by example if you take the time to look into their eyes and live with them as family.

Survivors of countless struggles against inhospitable lands they were born into. They adapted and made what they were given into something positive. They also remember the lessons of the fallen, those dogs who gave their all for the benefit of the pack.

Humanity has lost a connection to the animal world. Discarded as not important and that is where we’ve gone wrong. These creatures have given their all to advance us and they always will. They can do no less because its ingrained into their very beings. Used and abused since time began their mission is to show what it means to be a member of life on earth to the less educated. They have hope for us even If we don’t deserve it.

They learn to compromise disagreements of leadership. They are willing to meet in the middle of disagreements. They work hard, and they know that whatever hardships they endure is worth it because the pack will survive. They see the big picture, not the moments of indecision and emotional ruin.

There is no right or left to The Siberians. They wish to continue to live and flourish as members of this great planet called Earth. Survival is an instinct to them, not a headline on a news channel. It’s real and we tend to forget our real place in the world. As much as we think we rule all we see…we don’t.

The downfall of higher intelligence is the propensity to think we know it all. It takes only a connection to those animals who have been here much longer than us to realize that they will be here long after we are gone.

As a higher being on this planet you have a choice. You can choose to hate or you can come together to make the world a better place…you can choose to survive or you can choose to die out. The real power is in the people not those that lead us. But we must have the unity of the pack in order to survive. We must put or beliefs on hold and be willing to compromise to achieve the end goal.

When I look into those blue eyes of my dogs they have no fear, they have no conflicted interest. They know that deep down inside…that the pack must survive at all cost. They have given everything in spite of our treatment of them. They will survive and I wonder if we will.

It’s time to come together America.

3 Comments on “Life Lessons from the Siberian People:

  1. You’ve reminded us of the pleasure and good sense of living beyond ourselves to living peacefully and purposely…….taking the higher road to respecting others and our home, the Blue Planet.


  2. What a great post! If only we would all come together, instead of all the hate and division that only seems to get worse!


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