They Heard the Call:


They Heard the Call:

I think a lot about dogs, huskies in particular and Seppalas hold a special spot in my heart. They changed my life and sometimes I need to stop and figure out how and why. Now I’m not alone in this, because many of you mushers already know what I’m talking about.

Those who drive dogs have heard the call. The call of the wild if you will. And I can bet it was brought on sometime by the influence of our furry friends. They don’t talk, and they don’t push, but the message comes in loud and clear to many of us.

Once the spirit of the Northern blood dogs takes over, you are forever hooked. America was formed by those tired of being pushed around. Subjected to laws they didn’t believe in and suppressed in what they believed religiously, or in many other ways. They wanted to be free, they wanted to risk it all to form a new country where everyone could be what they wanted.

They blazed a trail into a foreign land. One full of unknowns and danger. It didn’t matter because the spirit to be free drove them. To them the risks were worth the prize. The ability to choose one’s own destiny was worth any price whether they chose right or wrong.

They explored and they tamed a country. They discovered gold, they opened up new lands so that all those who followed could carve out a new life. Raise their families and enjoy being free. They broke the trail and gave others hope.

Now as this country has slowly been absorbed by virtual reality, couch sitting, TV, and any other distractions that robs you of being real…we are enjoying the fruits of our non-labor. Lazy and fat, we don’t do much because we are comfortable, and have lost the edge that kept those who came before us alive.

Enter the Northern breeds whether they be Alaskan Huskies or Siberians, or another breed that survived the demands of life above the comfort zone.

They know instinctively about sacrifice in order to be free. They hear the call and they answer it every minute they live. For there is no other way to live and be happy in their minds.

Now the PETA folks would have you believe that they are unhappy being staked out. They would much be better off dead or pampered fat dogs that don’t do anything.

I watched a video of Martin Buser sitting in the middle of a compound with 50 dogs staked out. They were all content and quiet. Martin said something that stuck with me. “Here we are in the middle of 50 dogs and its silent. The reason is their needs are being met. They are happy and quiet because they have love, they have food, and tomorrow we run.”

The staking is the equivalent of our own 40-hour work week. We endure it so we can enjoy the weekend and do what we really want. It’s no different for the dogs. They endure the stakes and a small patch of ground so they can relish their time on the team running. This is what they put up with to enjoy the small amount of time doing what they really love. We do the same but nobody is trying to save us.

The call isn’t heard by all. It’s heard by those few who have the same DNA of our forefathers who forged a new land. They answer the call and mush dogs, for that is what they both love.

That my friends is freedom. That is the pact between humans and these amazing sleddogs. It was formed thousands of years ago, and still exist today in these dogs. You only have to unleash it, and become part of it if you hear the call.

One Comment on “They Heard the Call:

  1. Early Texas was once beacon like Alaska to many …only it was too easy for the rest to get here.
    PETA needs to stop worrying about painted animals on cookie boxes and maybe try to help some animals in actual need – like those in the brutal dog markets in China – or actual puppy mill operations – or maybe dog fighting brutality….plenty for them to do that needs to be done.
    As you say, once you have a husky, life is different.


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