The Time Draws Near

Almost complete at last.

I haven’t posted a lot lately, and this is mainly due to my work on this book. It’s a labor of love, and about the dogs I’ve grown so close to. I’ve written a dozen poems to include in the manuscript. They were passed on to me from these magnificent dogs of the snow.

Immersed into their history, and pulled in by them into new adventures that I had no clue about. I’ve joined the pack, and forever my life has been changed. They teach me about their past with not words but action. They speak to me with some kind of old soul wisdom.

It’s been passed on from one dog to another, and shared with those of us who will open our hearts and minds to another plane of existence that is unknown to most. A history of hardship and sacrifice, of love of life, and the joy of living each day to its fullest with no regrets. Fate is something they understand and accept, but it does not stop them from getting the most out of life no matter what fate brings them.

They are happy with a meal, they are happy to work hard, and at night they sing the songs of their people. Celebrating another day of life and looking forward to the dawn of a new day as they curl up and go to sleep. They don’t worry because fate will determine if they see the dawn or not. They control what they can, and leave the rest to that great Husky God in the sky.

I believe that divine entity is family and history. They are connected to the past as they blaze new trails in the limited time they are given. They blaze trails into the future of their kind, just as they have done for thousands of years. And they are happy to teach us if we are willing to listen to their songs of life.

And if you’re lucky enough, you can ride along with them. You can become part of a world most don’t even know exists. Those of us that can throw caution to the wind gravitate to the husky. We share a common bond, and that is why these dogs run for us.

Work hard, love even harder, for that is the trail to a life you won’t regret. That is the legacy of the husky, that is a life well lived.

We are one, and maybe you can be one as well?


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