The Seppala Siberians

The dogs of winter, the direct lines of blood and DNA to Leonhard Seppala dogs that ran that race to save Nome, Alaska in 1925. They are not your run of the mill Siberian husky, though they share the same gene pool. These dogs, even though few in numbers still exist in this world. They are fierce in work ethic, and the love of the family they live with. They are the top-tier of what every Siberian came from. They are legend, and they are for real. To spend a few minutes with them you will know it. The love and work come out quickly to those who know dogs.

I’ve worked hard to own a few, and I will work harder to preserve them, for to let them fade into the night is not acceptable to me. They should shine on for many years to come, for to lose them is to lose a part of ourselves.


Mars of Snowbound.
Mars running Lead.
Like her daddy above, Bonk is carrying on the Seppala line.


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