Heart of Gold

We live in a complicated world these days. I think many have lost their way and search for answers to life’s problems. Many have forgotten the lessons learned before by our ancestors. To me the answers to many questions are in the past. As history often repeats itself, you only have to look back in time.
A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

There are great teachers at your feet or in your dog yard. They have seen it all before, they retain this knowledge not in books but in their DNA. They have ridden on the dark trails of humanity before. They remember the abuses we have levied upon them. But in spite of that, they remain hopeful for us, as we should.

I only have to look at them to understand the love they unquestionably offer me, and ask little in return.

So, when I’m feeling melancholy, I choose to create something instead of destroying. I choose to look at life with all its hardships and pain in a positive light. For without some pain we never learn anything. The sled dogs have told me many stories of their struggles, victories, and hope. And they’ve done it without one word. They’ve done it with their actions and love.

The Klondike Gold rush was as hard on men as it was on the animals. I made this little slide show for you to see life back during those times. This is a glimpse into the history of our sled dogs.

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