Walk the Walk:

I talk and write a lot about huskies. I try to bring you the essence of what they really are. They are not toys, they are the real deal. To have a relationship with these dogs is somewhat of a religious experience. And to many, it awakens the sleeping spirit inside of them. Something inside your soul that you didn’t even know existed until you ran with the dogs. It fills you with confidence in them and yourself. These dogs are not being abused.

They are doing what they love to do, they are true to what they are, as humans many times are not. Notice the lead dog, his ears are erect as he uses his senses to keep the team moving through this storm. Once he has his bearings he drives forward encouraging the team with his confidence. He leads for a reason and that is because he is capable and the team believes in him. The musher is just along for the ride in conditions like this. He or she trust their dogs…they have to. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. This is true teamwork.

There is no way you can make any dog do this unless they want to do it. They thrive on this and give you everything they have. Can we do no less?

Video credit to Bekka May Gunner.

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