Siberian Husky Roots:

One of the best-known traits of the husky is how tough they are. They are known to pull medium size loads over long distances without tiring and on very little food. They are impervious to cold and able to survive -30 degrees with only the shelter of their furry coats. I wanted to show you some modern day photo’s of the type of life the Siberian Husky developed from for thousands of years. Dogs that were true members of the family. Both man and dogs formed a partnership so that both could live and survive. That’s what is in the DNA of the Modern Siberian and still handed down to this day. You can take a husky out of the north, but you can’t take the north out of a husky. It is what they are, and why so many end up in shelters because they are not understood. They were not bred to be apartment dwellers or couch potatoes, they are working dogs. Tough people and dogs lived together as one. The Huskies ancestors still live that way to this day.

So please don’t tell me how dog sledding is cruel. It’s a walk in the park compared to this life.

Modern Day Siberian huskies remain unchanged in work ethic.

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