This is the level of ignorance we are dealing with. I’m sort of at a loss of words as how to combat this total lack of understanding. Apparently, the new craze is to find an issue to support even if you know nothing about it. This makes you look like a saint or something. 
If you want to be a saint tackle the homeless problem, the poor, the hungry, and the millions of pet owners who stick their token dog in the back yard and forget they exist. SMH

One Comment on “Ignorance:

  1. talk about something you know about, people – Look around, there’s issues and concerns in your own backyards and neighborhoods that you can work on. Talk, and petitions are cheap – and frequently the work of the lazy or the uniformed, to the following like sheep crowd.
    And step away from the keyboards and petitions – stop getting drunk on victimhood of others and adrenaline.
    Tend your own garden before being a holier than thou stomping around in those of others.


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