Courage: A lesson from dogs

Courage comes in many forms. From a single mom trying to raise her kids, or a homeless man digging through the trash to eat. They do what they have to do to live.

Courage also comes from standing up for what you believe in. A person fights for what they believe in, for that is the American spirit. We don’t bow down to anyone on this planet, right or wrong we defend our beliefs and go the whole hog to defend them.

Like tempered steel, we endure and take the punishment inflicted upon us. Just try voicing your opinion on social media and see what happens. This is where being temperate comes into play. This is where you are supposed to acknowledge the views of others, and actually consider them before you pronounce your sentence like Judge Judy.

Many do not understand that with opinion comes opposition. It makes no difference what your belief is, for a hundred others will hate it. You will be burned at the stake in today’s world. Your house will be burned down, all your friends killed, and their houses burned down as well.

To make your stand is courage. To ignore another person’s point of view is ignorance. For people to reach common ground takes tolerance and understanding. It requires enough thought to consider the other’s point of view before making a decision.

A Lesson in courage from the sled dogs:

The dogs of winter have more courage than people. When they are born they have no idea who will own them. They have no idea what kind of life they will live, but still, they remain true to who they are, no matter what concessions they might have to make. Maybe the answer lies with these old souls?

The dogs of winter are fierce in their beliefs but they understand reaching common ground. That is why they make such good sled dogs and partners. The two opposing sides work together for the benefit of both. Neither side gets everything they want, but both get what they need.

In order for this to work, it takes courage from both sides.

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