The Seppala Siberian

This is Delta Dawn. She’s a Seppala Siberian sleddog. We’ve been connected since she was born. We are still connected even though I’m not her owner anymore. The fact is you never own a husky, you just become part of their lives if you are lucky enough to be allowed to join them.

Delta in retrospect.

She survived a horrible dog fight that almost killed her. I feared that she would never be the same again. That she would lose her abilities to lead a sled dog team. My fears were unfounded as she recovered and never missed a beat.

Sled dog leaders are a rare bunch even for huskies. It takes a huge amount of confidence to be out front and responsible for all behind them. They must blaze the trail, encourage the team, and make smart decisions. This is a big responsibility to a dog, or any leader worth their salt. The team is family and to be quite honest not many can handle it. That’s what makes lead dogs so special.

Delta is one of those special dogs that don’t come around every day. You might call her a natural born leader, for she is that in spite of everything bad that she’s dealt with. She leads with her heart, mind, and compassion.

The look of intelligence.

Nothing will stop her, bad things are soon forgotten and she moves on. This is what a Seppala is, this is the stuff that made the serum run to Nome in 1925 happen. This is why these dogs are so important to me. They remind me of everything we as a race should be, instead of what we are.

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