The Siberian Husky

I’m working on my 5th book about them. Some folks would ask why?

It’s because in all my years of working with dogs I’ve never met a breed so unique and inspirational. You can read books about them, you can enjoy the photos of how beautiful they are but you will never realize what they are until you live and bond with them. The husky is an amazing dog and a world-class athlete. Not only that, but they are devoted family members as well.

They may drive you crazy at first but that is because they demand certain things from us. It takes a while to understand them but once you do, it can be a life changing event. I know they changed my life, and for the better.

Here is a video of two of my dogs. The Huskies are not barkers, they don’t bark incessantly at everything. I love that about them but they do talk. They talk when they want to tell you something. They are old souls in young bodies who spend time with us. They are the essence of what the people of this country used to be. Free spirits who crave adventure in spite of the risks. Adventurers who helped us open the Arctic with their tenacity and spirit. They remain unchanged from the days of old. They were here long before us and probably will be long after we are gone.

2 Comments on “The Siberian Husky

  1. I remember bumping into a guy walking a husky and asking him about it, as I think they are gorgeous. I asked if it was a good guard dog, and he explained that if someone came into the house, the dog would show them where the valuables and TV were, then probably go home with the burglar. Your gods are delightful! Cute video. 😁


  2. True, they are not guard dogs. They were bred to work hard and love the family, no matter whose family that might be. Love of children is especially strong. Have you ever heard of saying, its a three dog night? That comes from the Inuits who judged the temperature by how many dogs sleeping with you kept you warm. A three dog night means its damn cold.


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