Togo of Seppalta

My Journey with Togo:

8 days, and 3,925 miles ago I left Virginia for Northern Minnesota to pick up Seppaltas Togo. Thursday, July 11th we arrived in Caribou Maine and his new home. Togo is a special dog who belonged to Douglas Willett until a few days ago when he entrusted Hannah and me with him. According to Doug, he is the best dog he ever bred in 40 years. Togo has never sired a litter and we hope to change that, and include his DNA into the preservation of the Seppalas in our kennel in Caribou Maine.

I will say on our travels he was amazing. For never being from home before, we traveled 10-12 hours a day. Crossed lake Michigan on a ferry in which he was in a crate for 5 hours. Stayed in hotel rooms, and friends houses along the way. All of this was new to him and he did great! So many new things and he did them all without a fuss. He didn’t care much for hotel rooms but nobody is perfect.

It was a long trip but worth it if we can get some offspring from Mr. Togo.

His new place will be to mush once again for fun, and of course to make more Seppalas. Many thanks to Doug Willet, and to RJ and Heather at Evergreen Seppalas for putting me up for the night as we crossed UP Michigan. They have amazing Seppalas of their own!

Togo of Seppalta
On the road with Togo
He was such a good dog for the whole trip.

While I was there I saw how great our puppies are doing at 3 weeks old from the “Z” litter.

A few of the “Z” litter pups.
15 New Husky friends for Mr. Togo.

One Comment on “Togo of Seppalta

  1. Awesome! He is beautiful, and you’re very lucky to have him in a great home such as yours!


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