A Dog of Kings:

Northlane Siberian Huskies and Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs added 157 new photos to the album: Black Soul of Northlane Wilcza Dusza

My partner in Maine imported from Poland this beautiful dog as a puppy. He has now come into his own and damn he is as beautiful as any Siberian I’ve ever seen. Top that off with his working ability and you truly have a Siberian doing what he was meant to do and be.

Imported from Poland
Aspiring Lead Dog/ Show Dog
Eyes Clear
Coat Color: Agouti/Nearly solid black
Eye Color: Brown
Dam: Dee Dee Wolf Soul Anana Amarok (CH Snow Shade Snow X CH Liora Anana Amarok) HD A Eyes Clear
Sire: Aragorn Wilcza Dusza (Moonrun’s Snow Patrol X CH Otoshi Wolf Anana Amarok) HD A Eyes Clear

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