The Husky:

New Queen of the pack Nikki on the left. Old Queen Sammie on the right.

Just a short story about what I’ve observed. Maybe not true to all huskies but I think it does prevail for most. The females of this breed are fierce, they rule the pack with an iron paw. They are the protectors and the delivery of the next generation. There is no glass ceiling in the husky world to keep them down…they rule.

3 years ago, young Nikki made her move to un-throne Sammie who up until that time had been the unquestioned leader of all. The fight broke out over a treat but it had been brewing for quite some time.
Nikki ended up punching a few holes through Sammy’s ear as a paper punch would do. It was a short and violent fight. Sammie has taken 3 years to get to this point where they can be in the same room together without rehashing the old battle.

The males seem to just posture and act tough, but they are reduced to jelly when the females are around. Reduced to mere breeding fodder, the males seem to accept this and keep a happy attitude. They don’t care about drama; they care about mating. They let the females fight it out about who is boss. I think there is some lesson in this that us men could learn from. LOL!

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