I seem to go in spurts, and inspiration shows up when it wants to. Whether it be music, poetry, writing, or painting, it has its timeline. You cannot force creativity, it shows up from many places, and at any time. The trick is to recognize it when it does.

My dogs inspire me, and other peoples dogs inspire me as well. A photo, a look, an action I notice. That’s when the spark hits me, that’s when I have to put it down in some form in hopes others see it as I do.

I may not be technically good at any of these efforts, but it comes from my heart. Some are in tune with what I do, others do not see it the same way, but that’s just fine. I’m quite happy with what comes out of my world of inspiration.

Bottom line is this: Find your inspiration, whether it be dance, art, music, even building something with your hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect to others. If you embrace your passion with all the love you have for that subject…it is perfect. Be creative, no matter what your passion.

That is how your dreams become a reality.

I happen to be in a painting mode lately, here is what I have done.

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