Tales of the Queen: Latest Episode

“She’s a Killer Queen
Gunpowder, gelatine
Dynamite with a laser beam
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Anytime” ~Lyrics by Queen

“The Prey drive is strong in this one.”
~Master Yoda

Tonight’s episode is explained best by age’s old Husky DNA. You see, in the early days back in the frozen Chukchi peninsula in Russia. Which is next to the Bearing sea where these dogs evolved from and would eventually become Siberian Huskies were already thousands of years old.

(To simplify this story, I will refer to these early dogs as Huskies that they would eventually become.)

In the winter, they pulled sleds and were fed for their work. They also kept the children warm at night. The temperature was told by how many dogs it took. It might be a two-dog night, or like the famous rock band, it might even be a “Three Dog Night.”

When the short summer came, they had no work to do. The dogs were set free to fend for themselves. Being of sound mind, athletic bodies, and hungry… they did what you would expect any living thing to do. They hunted to stay alive until the next winter and a much more comfortable gig.

You wonder why a husky digs? They dig for shelter when needed, but mostly they dig for any food they might find. They also developed skills at hunting rodents, and well…anything edible, including birds. Nothing was safe from a hungry husky.

For thousands of years, this cycle became part of their DNA. It still exists in today’s dogs. Some more than others, but it’s there.

Tonight the young Queen born on a Pennsylvania Amish farm scored her second kill. The first being a squirrel, she swallowed whole before I could pry it out of her jaws. Tonight’s kill was a bird. Of what variety, I have no clue because it was still warm and mangled once I got it away from her.

If you remember my last episode with the Queen, you might remember the growling incident over a bone. This time there was no growling. The Queen took flight with her bird because she knew she would have to surrender it to me.

Eventually, she gave up running and surrendered her prize with no growling. Ten minutes later, the whole thing was forgotten. She had no hard feelings as I took it and tossed it in the woods beyond the fence. Nikki resumed her place around by the pool, looking for the next poor chipmunk that would brave invading her domain.

Nikki exhibits all the traits of her ancestors. I’m pretty proud of her. Un-papered, but DNA tested as a purebred. If you know the husky history, you wouldn’t have any doubts about the royal blood in her veins.

Queen Nikki is the real deal.

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