Cloud Runner:

She heard the call from those on high,
those husky spirits in the sky.
Running a race against father time,
for just a few years she was mine.

When I look up, in the night sky,
I swear I see her sailing bye.
Silver harness shining bright,
in my dark, she brought me light.

She taught me how to live my life,
no matter about, the work and strife.
You have no idea how I miss her so,
I’ll meet her again at the Rainbow.

I know she had to go back home,
to that place where all the huskies roam.
I hope that she will remember me,
her body lies below my favorite tree.

Her spirit lives on beyond her grave,
she never was a lowly slave.
She lived her life full and true,
for that’s what these huskies do.

Only God knows, how much I miss you so.

TJ 2019

Cloud Runner.

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