Art Show:

I thought I would try this and see what happens. There is a juried art show in Bethesda, MD. coming up in Feb. I submitted these paintings to see if I get in. 1st place pays $10k, 2nd $2K, and 3rd $1K. Considering I only started painting 2 years ago I won’t be crushed if I don’t get in, or place. I paint them because I love these sled dogs with a passion.

Paintings are 8×10 done in acrylic and sometimes spray paint for the background. I built the frames which are scorched oak, stained and clear coated.

All the dogs are from Shaytann Siberian Kennels in the Yukon, Canada. Except for Cooper who is one of my dogs. Two of them are 2-time finishers of the 1000 miles… Yukon Quest, and Iditarod (Bering & Max).

You can learn more about Shaatann Siberians here

Shaytann’s Bering
Shaytann’s Charlie
Cooper Lee
Shaytann Team cresting the ridge.
Shaytann’s Max

May the New Year bless us all.

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