National Love Your Pet Day:

There is big difference between a pet and a Siberian Husky. I know people love their pet dogs, cats, etc. but when it comes to the dogs of winter you go to another level.

Working sled dogs no matter what the breed, are not pets. They are partners who share their lives with us. Much like the difference between a girlfriend/boyfriend Vs. being married.

We are not always on the same page as these dogs, but they hold no grudges. They teach us, dumb humans, many things. If we don’t listen to these old souls, they will make us pay by destroying our homes with fang and claw, or any number of other things they can do.

My journey began with this guy, who taught me what being a Siberian Husky is all about. He taught me many more things…like forgiveness, love, adventure, and how to appreciate the life we have been given no matter how hard it might be. I am forever in debt to him. He changed my life for the better.

He made me a better human being, by making me understand his kind. I learned how to appreciate just exactly what he is, and how his ancestry made him what he is today.

Is he a pet? No, he is part of my family. Never perfect, sometimes loud, sometimes destructive, but always full of love for us. He is one of the dogs of winter, and we love him for what he is. And he accepts us for what we are no matter what our faults are. So we accept him as he accepts us.

That is love.

Mr. Cooper Lee Johnson
5 years old.

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