I haven’t been around much lately. Too much going on with the virus and stuff like that. I guess we all are learning new things now that the world has changed so much. Some things don’t change and that is the dogs. They remain faithful and true to what they are. I find strength in that. I find comfort in knowing that this too shall pass. I hope things are well with you. And if not take a lesson from the Huskies. The end of the trail will come if you just keep going. Keep the faith, and drive on down the road of life.

I’ve managed to paint a couple of more dogs during this mess.


4 Comments on “Greetings:

  1. Nice paintings. You’ve come a long way with your art.

    Huskies really do help you get through tough times.

    Stay safe.


  2. Your painting skill is improving so much. The paintings are beautiful!


  3. Hello. I really like the way to accept and adjust with things. I guess it’s because of all the time you spend with your fur kids. You have taken the best pages of their lives for yourself. You then tell people like to to just “roll with it.” This, too, shall pass”. I don’t have many people in my life anymore who can tell me that…9.that I will listen to). Thanks for your wise words…they help.


    • Huskies changed my life. For everyone, there is an animal spirit made just for them. I learned late in life that the Siberians were made for me. We are kindred spirits and I wish I would have found them earlier. They changed my life and I’ve learned so much from them. The longing for adventure, risk-takers with brains to temper that feeling. At night when the sun sets they settle down to sleep. They might sing a song of their people first, but it doesn’t last long because the night-time is the time for them to rest for the dawn. When dawn comes, they jump up and spin in circles, and rejoice that they get to spend another day in this world. They appreciate each day of life, no matter what it brings.


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